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荷蘭資深銀行家揭露光明會的金融體系 Dutch Elite Banker Blows the Whistle on the Illuminati Banking System


Ronald Bernard was an entrepreneur who was already driven to be very successful when he was invited to enter NWO finance.

隆納德‧伯納德(Ronald Bernard) 在受邀進入新世界秩序的金融圈之前就已經是一位非常成功的企業家。

He states that his mind was like a “freezer” and he was able to operate with zero empathy, driven solely by a fierce desire to rise to the top of the corrupt Illuminati empire.


He claims about 8500 people run the entire world and are responsible for creating all manner of chaos to allow them to manipulate the financial climate and generate more wealth.


In the first video are 5 key points he made in his revealing interview, with English subtitles.


The second video is the full 40 minute version which I’ve yet to watch, also with English subtitles.


Interviewer: Ronald, you have a very strong background in the financial sector, asset management, deposit trading, as far as I understood. Can you us something about your experiences? For how long did you work there?

主持人: 隆納德,你在金融、資產管理、期權交易等領域都有豐碩的成就。你可以談談你的經驗嗎?你在這些行業工作幾年了?

Ronald: Well, my experiences are more complicated than what you mentioned just now. Actually I have been an entrepeneur my entire life. Independence being the key component to me. I have once tried being an employee, but that didn’t work out.

隆納德: 我的工作經驗比你剛才提到的還要複雜。基本上,我這輩子都是個企業家。我是個十分講求獨立自主的人。我也曾想當個員工,但卻行不通。

Being an entrepeneur, I have seen many sectors, amongst which I have experienced the financial world. All my other companies as an entrepreneur, like my own fashion line for ladies, car-dealership and also import-export had me involved to such an extent with building up my own fortune, it inherently guided me into the world of finance. Working in import-export, you encounter different currencies and you have to go to the exchange to trade through brokers.


One of these brokers said at some point, “Ronald, I’ve been looking at your life for a long time and you are always busy. You earn money, we know, but what is your goal?” I replied: “the only goal I have as an entrepeneur is to earn as much money as I possibly can” because the more money I have, the quicker I can retire, be free and of course have status, basically everything you want in this society. Or at least, that’s what I thought back then.

有一天一位中介商跟我說:「隆納德, 我從以前到現在看你埋頭打拼了一輩子。你賺到錢了,但你的人生有甚麼目標? 」我回答:我當企業家的唯一目標就是盡全力賺錢。賺的錢越多,我就能越早退休,享受自由、名聲和社會地位。基本上,就是過著應有盡有的生活。 Continue reading 荷蘭資深銀行家揭露光明會的金融體系 Dutch Elite Banker Blows the Whistle on the Illuminati Banking System