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【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年4月22日訊息【情況更新】Situation Update

Now that the Cabal could not trigger World War 3 directly:
they have turned to electronic warfare.
Aside from many times mentioned plasma scalar weapons, they are now using directed energy weapons to their fullest, targeting key Lightworkers and Lightwarriors in an obvious attempt to remove them from the surface of the planet, as the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors with the power of their unified consciousness are one of the main obstacles in Cabal’s plans to create global war.
Directed energy weapons are physical radio frequency, laser, microwave, sound or plasma beam weapons that can incapacitate the target:
These weapons are used by the Cabal agents worldwide, torturing a very important segment of civilian population:
Also, the Cabal has bribed many people from the general population to become unconscious co-perpetrators of those crimes against humanity. These sheeple are thinking that they are just spying on targets with a funny looking telescope, when in fact they are irradiating the target with a directed energy weapon:
A certain elite task force has begun removing key perpetrators of those crimes internationally. They „shoot first and ask questions later.“ They have issued a warning, stating that „anybody using a directed energy weapon against a civilian target, either knowingly or unknowingly, is committing a crime against humanity and may expect to be dealt with.“ They have also stated that an „international diplomatic and political scandal with far reaching consequences, exposing certain key people from the United States, responsible for use of those weapons against civilian population, may explode soon.“
Another source has stated that „the King has declared the opening of the hunting season.“ Regarding this statement from the „King“ it is interesting to note that George Bush Sr. has received a warning from Maat:
Last Monday, the Pleiadians have contacted top Russian military personnel about the directed energy weapons issue. If the attacks on the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors do not stop, the option now on the table is to disable key organizations perpetrating those crimes with a selective EMP strike or with another similar electronic warfare operation. The first two targets mentioned were DARPA and Raytheon. 

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【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年4月13日訊息【和平冥想報告】Peace Meditation Report

Although the critical mass has not been reached, our Peace Meditation was a huge success. Given the fact that we had only 4 days to organize this on a very inconvenient hour during a workday due to the urgency of the situation, and given the fact that the Cabal has almost completely blocked sharing this meditation on facebook, we were very successful.
Few hours before the meditation, there was this sign in the sky:
The very exact moment I wanted to post this meditation online last Friday, someone took a lot of effort to take whole Blogger offline:
It is interesting to note that the cyber attack to Veterans Today took that website down for 12 hours roughly at the same time. According to their sources, US Army Cyber Command at Ft. Huachaca was responsible, trail leading to General Mc Master. Apparently they do not wish THIS article to be published:
值得注意的是: Veterans Today的網站在上星期五也遭到網路駭客攻擊,導致網站關閉了12個小時。根據他們的線人表示:駐紮在瓦丘卡堡的美國陸軍網路指揮部發動了這次的攻擊,而幕後主謀就是麥克馬斯特將軍。顯然他們不想讓揭露敘利亞民防組織的真相文章曝光:
As Resistance has predicted, Tuesday was the point of maximum tension. The Archon families described here:
especially Orsini and Pallavicini, tried to activate Doom 33 endgame world destruction program through their Khazarian underdogs inside the Omega Grid to fulfill endgame prophecies:
This was swiftly prevented a few hours later when the Pleiadians have contacted some key people inside the Russian and Chinese military, which was made possible among other reasons also because of the energy support we made with our mediation to the energy grid around the planet. The Pleiadians had a short discussion with Putin, „telling him certain things he did not personally like“, but when they explained to him what is at stake, he understood, took the risk and chose to cooperate with the Light. 
If all this sabre rattling worldwide does not stop soon, the following options are on the table, depending on the level of urgency: exposure, disclosure and removal.
如果全世界的動盪和紛爭沒有在短期內恢復平靜,光明勢力將依照局勢的緊急程度採取以下幾種應對方案: 曝光、揭露和肅清。
Exposure means Russian media exposing detailed intel about a) worldwide Illuminati network and their operations, and/or b) secret pacts between US government and negative extraterrestrials.
曝光意味著俄羅斯媒體將會具細靡遺地報導:1. 光明會在全世界的活動網路和光明會的組織活動 2. 美國政府和負面外星種族簽訂的秘密條約。
Disclosure means full release of intel about extraterrestrial presence, financial Reset and the Event through Russian and Chinese media, which has actually already started:

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【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2017年3月與俄羅斯團隊訪談 Interview with Cobra from Russia

Question: Cobra, can you tell about a trip to Russia. Why did you decide to come there, and how you were able to negotiate with the military? In addition to flight into the stratosphere, did you do anything else there? Did you like Russia?

Question: Cobra,能不能說一下俄羅斯之旅。為什麼你決定去那裡,你怎樣能與軍方談判?除了(坐戰機)飛到平流層,你還做了其它什麼?你喜歡俄羅斯嗎?

COBRA: I came to Russia with the only purpose to make the stratospheric flight. Yes I like Russia, people there are much less programmed and more connected with their true self than in the West

COBRA: 我到俄羅斯唯一目的是平流層飛行。是的,我喜歡俄羅斯,這裡的人們比西方受到更少的編程,更與他們真正的自我連接。

Question: Russian astronauts were telling that they were experiencing strange sensations on orbit: they’ve heard some sounds and even music, had some visions. The Russian Space Agency has created a committee to discuss this. Cobra, what so unusual astronauts could experience on orbit?

Question: 俄羅斯宇航員說他們在太空軌道上曾經體驗到奇怪的感覺:他們聽到一些聲音甚至是音樂,看到一些幻覺。俄羅斯宇航局成立了一個委員會討論這件事。那些宇航員在軌道上如此不尋常的體驗是什麼?

COBRA: They had spiritual and physical contact experiences with positive extraterrestrials

COBRA: 他們與正面外星人有一些靈性和實體接觸經歷。 Continue reading 【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2017年3月與俄羅斯團隊訪談 Interview with Cobra from Russia

【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2017年2月2日PFC 訪談 Cobra / Prepare for Change: February Interview

Lynn – Welcome Cobra, to our 2017 first interview. Today is Thursday February 2, (2017). Your hosts today are Lynn and Aaron. (OK)

Lynn – 歡迎Cobra來到我們2017年第一個採訪。今天是星期四,2月2日。你今天的主持是Lynn和Aaron。

Lynn – The first question has been submitted by a European gentleman. He starts out by saying: If I were to find my personal connection to a very negative entity, say a high ranking Draconian which will find its way to the central sun soon, or Yaldabaoth, and if I manage to completely agree for this part of myself to be dismantled into the central sun (through meditation). Would this then also happen to the Draco or the octopus “in reality”?

Lynn – 第一個問題是一位歐洲先生提出。他說:如果我發現我與非常負面的實體有個人聯繫/連接,比如說與一個很快會被送到中央太陽的高級天龍人,或者與姚達伯斯有聯繫。如果我(通過冥想)完全同意我的這部分(與負面存有的連接)在中央太陽分解。這麼做會不會隨後在”現實中”發生在那個天龍人或者那個章魚身上?

COBRA – Actually no because this implies that what happens inside always directly happens outside. So if a certain entity, negative entity or I would say Draconian or an Archon would be dissolved in the Central sun, that does not mean necessarily that would reflect in your inner state. (OK)

COBRA – 實際上不會,因為這意味著內在發生的總是會直接反映到外在。所以如果某個負面實體,或者說一個天龍人或者執政官將要在中央太陽分解,不代表這一定會反映到你的內在。

Lynn – He goes on to say: The logic being that everything that is outside myself is also inside myself. I create my own reality if not the entirety of existence, so that there must be a part inside of me that agrees to the existence of a plasma octopus or very negative Draco’s. So, if I could also destroy them by being completely ok to destroy (bring to the light, to the central sun) the inner part of me which is the representation of them?

Lynn – 他繼續說:有一個邏輯說一切發生於我外在的也在我的內在。如果不是全部,但我也創造了自己的實相/現實,所以我內在必定有一部分是同意等離子章魚或者一個負面天龍人存在。於是,我能否(通過冥想)摧毀我內在代表著他們的那部分(送到中央太陽)。

COBRA – OK, again I say that I do not agree completely with this approach or this philosophy or this belief system. So if there is a Draco outside it does not mean always that there is a part of your inside that corresponds to that Draco outside. There might be a part that resonance with the frequency but it is not a linear connection so the reflection from inside to the outside and the other way around is not linear and it never was. (OK, thank you for that)

COBRA – 我不完全同意這種方法或者這種哲學,或者這種信仰系統。如果外面有一個天龍人,這不意味著你內在與那個外在的天龍人有什麼聯繫。可能有部分頻率的共鳴,但這不是線性關係,所以從內在到外在的反映或者相反從外在到內在的反映不是線性的,從來不是。

Lynn – 2nd question. Just out of curiosity, what are the Bosnian pyramids? A visit there showed me that they are very positive. But another civilization blocked the tunnels much later, which now are being dug free.

Lynn – 第二個問題。只是從於好奇,波斯尼亞金字塔是什麼?一次前往那裡的拜訪讓我覺得它們是非常正面的。但另一個文明後來堵塞了那些隧道,現在這些隧道可以自由地開挖。

COBRA – So the original Bosnian Pyramids were built a long time ago. I would say that the complex was built in the Atlantean period and there were many different races using this later. It was also settled during the Neolithic period and yes there were some negative races creating some influence there but it was not the primary, I would say the primary energy taking place there. So I would say that the Bosnia Pyramids are one of the rare remnants of the very ancient times that we have on the surface of the planet. They have not been preserved completely and it was actually a re-tooling of some natural objects but there was some clearly very strong presence of various races in that complex. (OK, thank you. I’ll turn the next question over to Aaron)

COBRA – 原本的波斯尼亞金字塔在很久以前建造。我會說那個建築群在亞特蘭蒂斯時期建造,後來被很多種族用到。在新石器時代時期有人居住。確實有一些負面種族在那裡施加了一些影響,但不是對金字塔,我會說是對那裡的原生能量。波斯尼亞金字塔是行星地表上其中一個非常罕有的遠古遺跡。它們沒有完整保存下來,它實際上是一些自然物的重組,但很明顯曾經有不同的種族到過那裡。 Continue reading 【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2017年2月2日PFC 訪談 Cobra / Prepare for Change: February Interview

【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2016年12月20日PFC 訪談 Cobra / Prepare for Change: December Interview

Lynn – Hi Cobra, welcome back to Prepare for Change for this last month of December 2016. This has been a very interesting, revealing and even shocking year for all of us. I thought that today I would give you the opportunity to sum up the strides forward that we have made as a planet in this year 2016.
Lynn – Hi Cobra,歡迎來到2016年最後一個月的PFC採訪。對我們來說今年是有趣的,揭示的甚至是震驚的一年。我想今天給你一個機會總結一下2016年我們作為一個行星取得的進展。

COBRA – OK, and the year is not over yet so I will not answer this question before the year is over. There are certain things ongoing that are quite important and they can, to a certain degree change the outlook on this year.
COBRA – 今年還沒結束,在這之前我不會回答這個問題。有一些非常重要的事情正在進行,這些事情一定程度上能改變對今年的看法。

Lynn – Even these last 10 days huh?
Lynn – 即使還剩下10天?

COBRA – Yes, 10 days, yes.
COBRA – 是的,10天。

Lynn – Wow. OK.
Lynn – 哦,好的。

Aaron – Hi Cobra, this is Aaron, I’ll be standing in for Richard this week. A few questions for you and the first question is; First, looking at Benjamin Fulford’s report this week it was stated that David Rockefeller and Nathaniel Rothschild were killed last week. Cobra, have your sources been able to confirm this? Is there any knowledge about where these events occurred?
Aaron – Cobra,我是Aaron,這個星期我來代替Richard。這裡有幾個問題,第一個問題是:本傑明.富爾福德這個星期報告說大衛˙洛克菲勒和納撒尼爾˙羅斯柴爾德上周已經被殺死。你的消息來源能否證實這件事?這些事件發生在什麼地方?

COBRA – No, actually rumors of this and other Cabal member being killed or arrested are popping up all the time. When this will happen it will be very close to the breakthrough and when this begins to happen more massively it will be in the main stream media. (thank you)
COBRA – 不,實際上這些人或者其他陰謀集團成員被暗殺或者逮捕的謠言總是突然出現。當它真的發生的時候將會是非常接近突破的時刻,當這些事情發生時將會有主流媒體報導。

Lynn – So we have to get this news from mainstream huh?
Lynn – 所以我們會在主流媒體上得到這些消息?

COBRA – Mainstream or reliable alternative media which will have, which will back up their claims with undeniable evidence and proof.
COBRA – 主流媒體或者可靠的另類媒體,將會有不可否認的證據支持他們的說法。 Continue reading 【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2016年12月20日PFC 訪談 Cobra / Prepare for Change: December Interview