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【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年4月13日訊息【和平冥想報告】Peace Meditation Report

Although the critical mass has not been reached, our Peace Meditation was a huge success. Given the fact that we had only 4 days to organize this on a very inconvenient hour during a workday due to the urgency of the situation, and given the fact that the Cabal has almost completely blocked sharing this meditation on facebook, we were very successful.
Few hours before the meditation, there was this sign in the sky:
The very exact moment I wanted to post this meditation online last Friday, someone took a lot of effort to take whole Blogger offline:
It is interesting to note that the cyber attack to Veterans Today took that website down for 12 hours roughly at the same time. According to their sources, US Army Cyber Command at Ft. Huachaca was responsible, trail leading to General Mc Master. Apparently they do not wish THIS article to be published:
值得注意的是: Veterans Today的網站在上星期五也遭到網路駭客攻擊,導致網站關閉了12個小時。根據他們的線人表示:駐紮在瓦丘卡堡的美國陸軍網路指揮部發動了這次的攻擊,而幕後主謀就是麥克馬斯特將軍。顯然他們不想讓揭露敘利亞民防組織的真相文章曝光:
As Resistance has predicted, Tuesday was the point of maximum tension. The Archon families described here:
especially Orsini and Pallavicini, tried to activate Doom 33 endgame world destruction program through their Khazarian underdogs inside the Omega Grid to fulfill endgame prophecies:
This was swiftly prevented a few hours later when the Pleiadians have contacted some key people inside the Russian and Chinese military, which was made possible among other reasons also because of the energy support we made with our mediation to the energy grid around the planet. The Pleiadians had a short discussion with Putin, „telling him certain things he did not personally like“, but when they explained to him what is at stake, he understood, took the risk and chose to cooperate with the Light. 
If all this sabre rattling worldwide does not stop soon, the following options are on the table, depending on the level of urgency: exposure, disclosure and removal.
如果全世界的動盪和紛爭沒有在短期內恢復平靜,光明勢力將依照局勢的緊急程度採取以下幾種應對方案: 曝光、揭露和肅清。
Exposure means Russian media exposing detailed intel about a) worldwide Illuminati network and their operations, and/or b) secret pacts between US government and negative extraterrestrials.
曝光意味著俄羅斯媒體將會具細靡遺地報導:1. 光明會在全世界的活動網路和光明會的組織活動 2. 美國政府和負面外星種族簽訂的秘密條約。
Disclosure means full release of intel about extraterrestrial presence, financial Reset and the Event through Russian and Chinese media, which has actually already started:

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