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【地球盟友】Cobra採訪- by Rob Potter Cobra Interview by Rob Potter: April and May 2017

Rob Potter: And here we are, folks, beginning the Cobra interview. I’m happy to have you back on the Victory of Light Radio Show, Cobra, so welcome back.

Rob Potter: 們現Cobra採。很高你回到Victory of Light目,迎回

Cobra: Thank you, very much.

Cobra: 非常感謝。

Rob: And as I told you, I do have a brief monologue prequel to this interview voicing my support of your character and intent as a light worker, and your Intel. This interview is timely as we have many developments on the on-going process of the planetary liberation for planet Earth.

I did have some questions prepared that we may get to later, but in the light of your two latest posts, I have prepared some more relevant questions. So let’s get right to it.

In regards to the March 28 update, you confirmed that Rockefeller is indeed dead and is hiding on the plasma plane. Can you tell us is he captured yet?

Rob: 正如我告訴過你,我給這個訪問做了一個簡短的預先獨白以表達我對你作為一個光之工作者的角色和你的信息的支持。這個採訪是及時的,因為我們有很多關於行星地球解放進程的發展。我準備了一些問題可能稍後再推出,但關於你最近的兩次更新我有更多相關的問題。所以讓我們馬上來問一下。有關3月28日的更新,你確認洛克菲勒已經去並藏在等離子層。能否告訴我們他被逮捕沒有?

Cobra: Yes, actually, he is no longer in this planetary system. He will very soon be on his way to the Central Sun.

Cobra: 是的,實際上他已經不在這個行星系統。他很快會踏上通往中央太陽的道路。

Rob: Okay. Is the plasma plane that you’re speaking about tied into the Earth or with the entire Solar System?

Rob: 好的。你所說的等離子層與地球還是與整個太陽系聯繫在一起?

Cobra: Basically, the whole universe has a plasma layer, but what I’m speaking about mostly is the plasma layer close to the planetary surface, because this is where most of the plasma anomaly is and this is where the problem lies.

Cobra: 基本上整個宇宙有一個等離子層,但我說的主要是靠近行星地表的等離子層,因為那裡是大多數等離子異常的地方,也是問題的所在。

Rob: Okay. It kind of brings up another question here. Is the death experience different for some of the Reptilian, or Draco, souls like Rockefeller than normal Earth people?

Rob: 這帶出另一個問題。與普通的地球人相比,像洛克菲勒那樣的蜥蜴人或者天龍人的靈魂的死亡體驗是否不一樣?

Cobra: Yes, of course, because your vibrational frequency or state of consciousness has a lot to say, a lot of influence on where it is you going after you die. So for an average Reptilian, he will end up on the lower plasma plane or lower etheric plane or lower astral plane. A highly developed soul will just skip very fast through those planes and go higher if he or she will not be captured.

So, the average experience for a Reptilian is quite much different from an average experience of a even an average human being.

Cobra: 是的,因為你的振動頻率或者意識狀態對於你死後去哪裡有很大影響。所以對於一般的蜥蜴人,他將去到更低級等離子層或者低級以太層或者低級星光層。一個高度發達的靈魂將會非常快速通過那些層面到達更高的地方,如果他/她沒有被捕獲的話。所以一個蜥蜴人一般的死亡體驗與一個普通人類有很大區別。

Rob: Okay, death, of course, is one of the greatest mysteries and I, obviously, have faith this is pretty obvious that we . . . you . . . our souls do exist after death. We have had so many evidences of people coming back from the death. It’s still kind of a mystery. We’ve heard the Tibetan Book of the Dead and some of the Egyptian scriptures talk about this.

I think even the Indian Vedas talk about after death. We have a modern day version that comes through “The Urantia Book”.

But can you tell us . . . With all of this going on in the planetary system as of late, can you tell us a little more about what someone who experiences . . . when they go through the death plane is . . . You kind of see yourself outside your body and then it seems as though a lot of people realize what’s going on and they head towards a tunnel of light.

Is that still kind of the same experience? Or is that completely changed now?

Rob: 好的。死亡是其中一個最神秘的事物,我相信我們的靈魂死後仍然存在。我們看到很多人們從鬼門關回來的證據,但這仍然是一個謎。我們聽說過”西藏度亡經”和一些埃及經文談到死亡。我想甚至印度的吠陀經也談到死後經驗,我們也從地球之書看到一個(關於死亡的)現代版本。

但就這個星系最近的進展而言,你能否告訴我們更多一點關於人們死後的情況…你看到自己在身體外面,似乎明白發生了什麼,然後進入一條光之隧道。現在是不是仍然是這樣的體驗,或者完全變了? Continue reading 【地球盟友】Cobra採訪- by Rob Potter Cobra Interview by Rob Potter: April and May 2017

【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年4月10日訊息【和平冥想更新】Peace Meditation Update

Time is approaching for our Peace Meditation and the energies are rising as more and more people has made a decision to join us and we are gaining momentum. There were again many signs in the sky in the form of rainbow cloudships especially in Asia in the last days before our meditation, indicating that the Light forces are supporting us in this endeavor. Here is an example of Pleiadian cloudship creating a plasma purification vortex a few days ago in Taipei:
Next hours will be decisive for how many people join us and how much impact or meditation will have on the planetary situation. Therefore I would ask all of you to spread the news about this meditation far and wide. Youtube videos are the easiest way to make this viral and they have been translated into 25 languages:
未來幾個小時將決定有多少人加入我們和冥想對於行星形勢造成多少影響。因此我想讓你們廣泛地傳播關於這次冥想的消息。 Youtube視頻是最容易的傳播方式,它們已經翻譯為25種語言:
Guided audio meditations have been created in many languages:
At meditation time, you can also join the online synchronized audio meditation in many languages here:
The link to the main Peace Meditation article with instructions is here:
Let’s do this!
Victory of the Light! 

【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2017年4月7日訊息【地表近況更新】 Planetary Situation Update

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces are intensively clearing the head of the Yaldabaoth entity with all plasma anomaly and plasma toplet bombs and all plasma scalar technologies of the Veil. Realizing that they are going to lose, the Chimera have stepped up the plasma attacks on the key Lightworkers and Lightwarriors that are beyond brutal.


On Wednesday, the Light forces of the Galactic Confederation and the Ashtar Command have begun full force active removal of all plasma negativity near the surface of the planet. Every direct intervention of the Confederation forces inside the quarantine Earth provokes retaliation by the Chimera and they started first by trying to provoke nuclear exchange between USA and North Korea:




Although there was limited nuclear exchange on Wednesday in one of the underground bases, vaporizing a certain number of Dracos working for the Chimera, the Light forces do NOT allow nuclear exchange beyond the scope of mini nukes on the surface of the planet.

一座地下基地在星期三遭受核彈攻擊。雖然這次攻擊消滅了一些奇美拉手下的龍人,光明勢力絕不會允許迷你核彈之外的核武器在地表世界引爆。 Continue reading 【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2017年4月7日訊息【地表近況更新】 Planetary Situation Update

【地球盟友】Cobra與A’drieiuous昴宿星人採訪 – 金魚報告 The GoldFish Report, “The Pleiadian Interview” with Cobra and A’drieiuous

cropped-cropped-l-php1Louisa: Hello everyone, welcome to The GoldFish Report. I am your Co-host Louisa, and joining me today from our GoldFish Report team is Steve, and our Host, The Ambassador of the Red Dragon Family. Today’s Report titled “The Pleiadian Interview” features Cobra, from the Resistance Movement and A’drieiuous, from New Lyra. Both gentlemen have revealed they are Pleiadian, one was born here on earth and one was not. Their background has been published in previous GoldFish Reports and on Cobra’s blog and previous interviews. This “Pleiadian Interview” is meant to provide insight into who these gentlemen are in the context of where they are from in each of their unique ways. So, thank you for joining us and welcome back, I should say, to the GoldFish Report. Steve will ask the first question.
Louisa: 大家好,歡迎收聽金魚報告。我是聯合主持人Louisa。今天與我一起的是Steve以及我們的主持紅龍大使。今天報告的題目昴宿星人採訪,嘉賓是抵抗運動的Cobra和新天琴星的A’drieiuous。兩位先生已經公開他們是昴宿星人,一位出生在地球,另一位不是。他們的背景在之前的金魚報告,Cobra的博客和以前的訪問已經公開。這次採訪希望深入了解一下這兩個有不同來歷的人。感謝你們來到金魚報告。 Steve會問第一個問題。

Steve: Cobra, is the election connected in any way to the update?Steve: Cobra,大選與最新的形勢有沒有關係?

Cobra: Not directly. What I would say is that the archons have engineered this election situation to override and divide the people in the United States. And they are attempting to expand that polarization as much as possible.
Cobra: 不是直接有關。我會說執政官策劃了這個選舉的局勢來踐踏和分化美國人。他們想盡可能擴大兩極分化。

Steve: Will they succeed in your mind with the polarization?
Steve: 你認為他們能不能成功的分化雙方?

Cobra: They will succeed to a certain point but the light forces are working 24 hours a day to calm people down and refocus them. And to focus on something else and not just the elections because those elections are not the most important thing in the world. Neither Trump or Hillary Clinton are the most important people in the planetary situation. They are not the key players at all behind the scenes. The key players are pulling the strings.
Cobra: 他們一定程度會成功,但光明勢力一天24小時在工作讓人們冷靜下來,讓他們重新聚集在其他事情上,而不是只看選舉。因為那些選舉不是最重要的。特朗普和希拉里在行星局勢裡都不是最重要的人。他們根本不是幕後的核心人員。核心的玩家正在幕後操縱。

Louisa: There have been reports that George Soros is behind all the protests going on in the U.S?
Louisa: 有報導說喬治.索羅斯背後支持那些美國的抗議活動?

Cobra: Yes, he is definitely involved.
Cobra: 是的,他確實有牽涉。

Louisa: Right, because this is disgraceful what I am seeing people doing in the U.S. right now and it is not characteristic of how we handle elections at all. But let’s just go to the WikiLeaks releases where Julian Assange said that Trump won’t be permitted to be President. What do you think he is talking about there?
Louisa: 我看到的是美國人正在做的事情相當可恥,這完全不是我們面對選舉(結果)應有的態度。但讓我們回到維基解密的話題,阿桑奇說特朗普不會被允許成為總統。你覺得他是什麼意思?

Cobra: The Cabal has a very strong plan to tamper with the elections to the point where Hillary Clinton would be elected and the story is still not over completely yet. If you follow the news today you will see that there are still—-by the cabal to change the story.
Cobra: 陰謀有一個很強大的計劃篡改選舉讓希拉里當選,事情還沒有完全結束。如果你看看今天的新聞,你會看到陰謀集團仍然想改變結果。 Continue reading 【地球盟友】Cobra與A’drieiuous昴宿星人採訪 – 金魚報告 The GoldFish Report, “The Pleiadian Interview” with Cobra and A’drieiuous





COBRA:在正式的第一次接觸前會選定一些個人和私人地方。 他們會被私下地接觸,然後走到大眾媒體上報告他們的經歷,當我們有了關鍵臨界的意識覺知到外星生命,外交人員之間的官方會面,就是所謂的地球代表和昴宿星外交人員的會面才會進行。 這個會議計劃在聯合國大樓進行。 【事件】後的聯合國不會是我們現在這個聯合國,不再是陰謀集團操縱的機構。 即使是現在不管陰謀集團的控制,聯合國內部仍然有非常活躍的正面行動為第一次接觸做準備。 我會說有一個隱蔽的任務小組幾十年來一直致力於第一次接觸。






如果大家有興趣飛船登陸自己的土地,並與他們接觸和交流,可以參閱【星際家人飛船大登陸邀請計劃】 及填寫http://www.beclass.com/rid=193a0d25792031bdff28