【地球盟友】Cobra採訪- by Rob Potter Cobra Interview by Rob Potter: April and May 2017

Rob Potter: And here we are, folks, beginning the Cobra interview. I’m happy to have you back on the Victory of Light Radio Show, Cobra, so welcome back.

Rob Potter: 們現Cobra採。很高你回到Victory of Light目,迎回

Cobra: Thank you, very much.

Cobra: 非常感謝。

Rob: And as I told you, I do have a brief monologue prequel to this interview voicing my support of your character and intent as a light worker, and your Intel. This interview is timely as we have many developments on the on-going process of the planetary liberation for planet Earth.

I did have some questions prepared that we may get to later, but in the light of your two latest posts, I have prepared some more relevant questions. So let’s get right to it.

In regards to the March 28 update, you confirmed that Rockefeller is indeed dead and is hiding on the plasma plane. Can you tell us is he captured yet?

Rob: 正如我告訴過你,我給這個訪問做了一個簡短的預先獨白以表達我對你作為一個光之工作者的角色和你的信息的支持。這個採訪是及時的,因為我們有很多關於行星地球解放進程的發展。我準備了一些問題可能稍後再推出,但關於你最近的兩次更新我有更多相關的問題。所以讓我們馬上來問一下。有關3月28日的更新,你確認洛克菲勒已經去並藏在等離子層。能否告訴我們他被逮捕沒有?

Cobra: Yes, actually, he is no longer in this planetary system. He will very soon be on his way to the Central Sun.

Cobra: 是的,實際上他已經不在這個行星系統。他很快會踏上通往中央太陽的道路。

Rob: Okay. Is the plasma plane that you’re speaking about tied into the Earth or with the entire Solar System?

Rob: 好的。你所說的等離子層與地球還是與整個太陽系聯繫在一起?

Cobra: Basically, the whole universe has a plasma layer, but what I’m speaking about mostly is the plasma layer close to the planetary surface, because this is where most of the plasma anomaly is and this is where the problem lies.

Cobra: 基本上整個宇宙有一個等離子層,但我說的主要是靠近行星地表的等離子層,因為那裡是大多數等離子異常的地方,也是問題的所在。

Rob: Okay. It kind of brings up another question here. Is the death experience different for some of the Reptilian, or Draco, souls like Rockefeller than normal Earth people?

Rob: 這帶出另一個問題。與普通的地球人相比,像洛克菲勒那樣的蜥蜴人或者天龍人的靈魂的死亡體驗是否不一樣?

Cobra: Yes, of course, because your vibrational frequency or state of consciousness has a lot to say, a lot of influence on where it is you going after you die. So for an average Reptilian, he will end up on the lower plasma plane or lower etheric plane or lower astral plane. A highly developed soul will just skip very fast through those planes and go higher if he or she will not be captured.

So, the average experience for a Reptilian is quite much different from an average experience of a even an average human being.

Cobra: 是的,因為你的振動頻率或者意識狀態對於你死後去哪裡有很大影響。所以對於一般的蜥蜴人,他將去到更低級等離子層或者低級以太層或者低級星光層。一個高度發達的靈魂將會非常快速通過那些層面到達更高的地方,如果他/她沒有被捕獲的話。所以一個蜥蜴人一般的死亡體驗與一個普通人類有很大區別。

Rob: Okay, death, of course, is one of the greatest mysteries and I, obviously, have faith this is pretty obvious that we . . . you . . . our souls do exist after death. We have had so many evidences of people coming back from the death. It’s still kind of a mystery. We’ve heard the Tibetan Book of the Dead and some of the Egyptian scriptures talk about this.

I think even the Indian Vedas talk about after death. We have a modern day version that comes through “The Urantia Book”.

But can you tell us . . . With all of this going on in the planetary system as of late, can you tell us a little more about what someone who experiences . . . when they go through the death plane is . . . You kind of see yourself outside your body and then it seems as though a lot of people realize what’s going on and they head towards a tunnel of light.

Is that still kind of the same experience? Or is that completely changed now?

Rob: 好的。死亡是其中一個最神秘的事物,我相信我們的靈魂死後仍然存在。我們看到很多人們從鬼門關回來的證據,但這仍然是一個謎。我們聽說過”西藏度亡經”和一些埃及經文談到死亡。我想甚至印度的吠陀經也談到死後經驗,我們也從地球之書看到一個(關於死亡的)現代版本。

但就這個星系最近的進展而言,你能否告訴我們更多一點關於人們死後的情況…你看到自己在身體外面,似乎明白發生了什麼,然後進入一條光之隧道。現在是不是仍然是這樣的體驗,或者完全變了? 繼續閱讀 【地球盟友】Cobra採訪- by Rob Potter Cobra Interview by Rob Potter: April and May 2017

【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2017年2月2日PFC 訪談 Cobra / Prepare for Change: February Interview

Lynn – Welcome Cobra, to our 2017 first interview. Today is Thursday February 2, (2017). Your hosts today are Lynn and Aaron. (OK)

Lynn – 歡迎Cobra來到我們2017年第一個採訪。今天是星期四,2月2日。你今天的主持是Lynn和Aaron。

Lynn – The first question has been submitted by a European gentleman. He starts out by saying: If I were to find my personal connection to a very negative entity, say a high ranking Draconian which will find its way to the central sun soon, or Yaldabaoth, and if I manage to completely agree for this part of myself to be dismantled into the central sun (through meditation). Would this then also happen to the Draco or the octopus “in reality”?

Lynn – 第一個問題是一位歐洲先生提出。他說:如果我發現我與非常負面的實體有個人聯繫/連接,比如說與一個很快會被送到中央太陽的高級天龍人,或者與姚達伯斯有聯繫。如果我(通過冥想)完全同意我的這部分(與負面存有的連接)在中央太陽分解。這麼做會不會隨後在”現實中”發生在那個天龍人或者那個章魚身上?

COBRA – Actually no because this implies that what happens inside always directly happens outside. So if a certain entity, negative entity or I would say Draconian or an Archon would be dissolved in the Central sun, that does not mean necessarily that would reflect in your inner state. (OK)

COBRA – 實際上不會,因為這意味著內在發生的總是會直接反映到外在。所以如果某個負面實體,或者說一個天龍人或者執政官將要在中央太陽分解,不代表這一定會反映到你的內在。

Lynn – He goes on to say: The logic being that everything that is outside myself is also inside myself. I create my own reality if not the entirety of existence, so that there must be a part inside of me that agrees to the existence of a plasma octopus or very negative Draco’s. So, if I could also destroy them by being completely ok to destroy (bring to the light, to the central sun) the inner part of me which is the representation of them?

Lynn – 他繼續說:有一個邏輯說一切發生於我外在的也在我的內在。如果不是全部,但我也創造了自己的實相/現實,所以我內在必定有一部分是同意等離子章魚或者一個負面天龍人存在。於是,我能否(通過冥想)摧毀我內在代表著他們的那部分(送到中央太陽)。

COBRA – OK, again I say that I do not agree completely with this approach or this philosophy or this belief system. So if there is a Draco outside it does not mean always that there is a part of your inside that corresponds to that Draco outside. There might be a part that resonance with the frequency but it is not a linear connection so the reflection from inside to the outside and the other way around is not linear and it never was. (OK, thank you for that)

COBRA – 我不完全同意這種方法或者這種哲學,或者這種信仰系統。如果外面有一個天龍人,這不意味著你內在與那個外在的天龍人有什麼聯繫。可能有部分頻率的共鳴,但這不是線性關係,所以從內在到外在的反映或者相反從外在到內在的反映不是線性的,從來不是。

Lynn – 2nd question. Just out of curiosity, what are the Bosnian pyramids? A visit there showed me that they are very positive. But another civilization blocked the tunnels much later, which now are being dug free.

Lynn – 第二個問題。只是從於好奇,波斯尼亞金字塔是什麼?一次前往那裡的拜訪讓我覺得它們是非常正面的。但另一個文明後來堵塞了那些隧道,現在這些隧道可以自由地開挖。

COBRA – So the original Bosnian Pyramids were built a long time ago. I would say that the complex was built in the Atlantean period and there were many different races using this later. It was also settled during the Neolithic period and yes there were some negative races creating some influence there but it was not the primary, I would say the primary energy taking place there. So I would say that the Bosnia Pyramids are one of the rare remnants of the very ancient times that we have on the surface of the planet. They have not been preserved completely and it was actually a re-tooling of some natural objects but there was some clearly very strong presence of various races in that complex. (OK, thank you. I’ll turn the next question over to Aaron)

COBRA – 原本的波斯尼亞金字塔在很久以前建造。我會說那個建築群在亞特蘭蒂斯時期建造,後來被很多種族用到。在新石器時代時期有人居住。確實有一些負面種族在那裡施加了一些影響,但不是對金字塔,我會說是對那裡的原生能量。波斯尼亞金字塔是行星地表上其中一個非常罕有的遠古遺跡。它們沒有完整保存下來,它實際上是一些自然物的重組,但很明顯曾經有不同的種族到過那裡。 繼續閱讀 【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2017年2月2日PFC 訪談 Cobra / Prepare for Change: February Interview

【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】採訪 by Prepare for Change 2016年8月25日 Cobra Interview by Prepare for Change August 2016

Cobra Interview by Prepare for Change August 2016

【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】採訪 by Prepare for Change 2016年8月25日


Lynn -首先歡迎我們的光之戰士以及抵抗運動的代言人COBRA ,Hi COBRA

Lynn -歡迎COBRA 回到我們8月份的更新訪問。

COBRA -謝謝你的邀請。

Lynn -好的。現在我們馬上開始。

Richard – Cobra,對於那些與內在的指引、高我連接有困難的人,你有什麼建議?

COBRA -那些與自己的內在指引連接有困難的人們在過去沒有很多地使用這種指導,他們需要練習。然後這種內在指引才會越來越強。

Richard -你怎樣分辨你的內在指引和一般想法的區別?

COBRA -一般想法是常規思維。內在指導是一種超越理智的直覺。當你與你的內在指導連接時,你知道有這樣的一種連接,因為它使你對反映出這種內在指引的真理

Lynn -你怎樣解釋咒語Man tra。

COBRA -一段咒語是一些有力量的詞語,能創造出某些能量和心理效果。

Lynn -什麼是Yan tra?

COBRA – Yan tra是有同樣效果的一種神聖幾何符號。通過一定的幾何共振,它影響到高維的振動頻率並在那裡造成持續的效果。

Richard – Cobra,為什麼泰盧固語(印度東部德拉維拉語言)和梵文說起來的時候感覺能量在進入或者流出。

COBRA -是的,有一些語言來源於古代亞特蘭蒂斯語,那些語言不只是語言,當中很多詞彙的振動實際上是一種咒語,能造成一些效應。尤其是梵語裡有一些詞由短咒語組成,是古代亞特蘭蒂斯語的組成部分。

Lynn -神聖幾何有什麼作用?

COBRA -神聖幾何結構在宇宙裡顯化和諧。

Richard -你能否估計一下我們太陽係有多少行星有生命形式居住?

COBRA -所有行星在某些層面都有生命,不是在物質層面而是在等離子,以太和星光層。太陽系所有主要星體都有生命居住。

Lynn -銀河心跳是什麼,如何和”事件”有關?

COBRA -銀河心跳或者說銀河脈衝是非常有規律的銀河週期,每25000年激活銀河中央太陽。我們現在進入一個銀河脈衝將會發生的時期,這和一個更大的宇宙週期相一致,將會觸發”事件”。

Lynn -銀河心跳會不會在物理和精神上療愈人類?

COBRA -銀河脈衝的影響將會治療人類。

Lynn -這次銀河能量浪潮與60年代末至整個70年代到達地球的提升一小部分人類意識的能量潮能不能相提並論。

COBRA -這將會是更加更加強大的,而且是一個更大規模。

繼續閱讀 【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】採訪 by Prepare for Change 2016年8月25日 Cobra Interview by Prepare for Change August 2016

【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2016年7月29日PFC 訪談


【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2016年7月29日PFC 訪談

Lynn – 歡迎Cobra。

COBRA – 謝謝邀請。很高興接受這個訪問。

Lynn – 我知道這個月你非常忙碌地舉辦會議:一個在泰國,另一個在台灣。我想知道你怎麼選擇會議地點?你尋找的國家或者地方是否有某些特點?

COBRA – 我嘗試在那些對行星形勢有最大影響力的地區舉行會議,那兩個地方都是在行星轉變的中心。東盟在那些國家有非常大的勢力,所以這是為何會選這兩個國家的其中一個原因。

Lynn – 很好。我們很多人沒有出席,會議上有什麼你能與我們分享的?

COBRA – 會議上以及幕後的一些事情會在適當的時候在我的博客上公布,這樣人們就能看到。

Lynn – 好的。我們回顧一下上個月的幾個問題,我再唸出來給你。第一個是關於阿根廷封鎖了國內的RussiaToday新聞,禁止其”公開傳播”,我們想知道你有什麼評論?

COBRA – 不幸地這是真的,陰謀集團在阿根廷越來越強大。其中一個原因是很多陰謀集團成員正計劃逃往那個國家,把那裡作為大本營前往南極。在南美有一股強大的推力,陰謀集團想把南美完全掌握在自己手上。他們想減少東盟在那裡的影響力。這件事是這個過程的一個部分。所以這只是突破前的終極之戰的一部分。

Lynn – 幾年前一個名字叫John Lenard Walson業餘攝影師(天文學家)公開了幾張他在地球軌道上拍攝的未知太空船照片。一些照片被認出是國際太空站和航天飛機,但有很多太空船不那麼容易識別。有些圖片可以在這個網頁找到
http://www.rense.com/general79/wdx.htm 。你能否評論一下那些照片?

COBRA – 實際上他的照片是其中一些最清晰的太陽看守者計劃低軌道太空船的圖像。確實其中一些是國際太空站和航天飛機,但有一些是真實的低軌道秘密太空計劃運載工具。如果你想看看是什麼樣子可以到他的網站看一下那些照片。

Lynn – 這真是極大的證明,謝謝。本傑明在他的文章提到羅斯柴爾德想透過恢復德意志奧匈及俄國君主制以逆轉一戰的結果。他說歐洲的ATM機可能在8月或者9月關閉。到時皇室將會以救世主的身份出現,給民眾提供大量的法幣和”安全感”以交換恢復君主制。你覺得這有可能嗎。 繼續閱讀 【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2016年7月29日PFC 訪談