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【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2017年8月19日訊息【團結冥想的情報更新】Unity Meditation Update

Time is approaching for our Unity Meditation and the energies are rising as more and more people has made a decision to join us and we are gaining momentum.
This level of unity has never been reached in the awakened community before. Many groups and individuals have put their differences aside and are supporting the Unity Meditation, each in their own way:
Cobra 柯博拉:
Corey Goode 柯里古德:
David Wilcock 大衛·威爾科克: 

Benjamin Fulford 班傑明‧富爾福德:



Veronica Keen:
Justin Deschamps:





The Mind Unleashed:




Steve Beckow:


And many others 另外還有許多團體和民眾:


The story about our meditation is beginning to spill over into the mainstream media:

This particular video about Unity Meditation tells a lot:

The unity we have achieved has created a strong coherent signal that has attracted the attention of the Central Race. They consider this signal to be an indicator that the surface humanity is ready to graduate to the next level of evolution. I will be able to release some very good news after the meditation. 
Next two days will be decisive for how many people join us and how much impact or meditation will have on the planetary situation. Therefore I would ask all of you to spread the news about this meditation far and wide. Youtube videos are the easiest way to make this viral and the main video has been translated into 36 languages:

There are many thousands of people visiting this blog daily and most have facebook profiles, averaging a few hundred friends. Therefore hundreds of thousands if not millions of people can be invited to the facebook event for our meditation:

Guided audio meditation videos have been created in 8 languages.
MP3 version of the guided meditation is available here:
An interactive Unity Meditation app with simplified instructions is available here:
The link to the main Unity Meditation article is here:
OR 中文譯本
Let’s do this!
Victory of the Light!

【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年7月PFC 採訪 Cobra/ Corey Goode / Prepare for Change: July 2017 Interview

Corey – Never before has it been so important for us to learn how to focus our co-creative superconsciousness on obtaining an optimal temporal reality. For too long, negative forces have used our co-creative superconsciousness against us. Many around the world have learned of their co-creative abilities and are focusing these abilities and their intent on a positive future for humanity.

Corey – 對我們來說學習如何聚焦我們共同創造的超級意識去取得一個最理想的現實,之前這件事從未如此重要。長久以來,負面勢力用我們的共同創造超級意識對付我們。世界各地有很多人已經學到他們的共同創造能力,並且把他們的能力和意圖聚集於一個人類正面的未來上。

On August 21st, during the eclipse at 11:11 AM Pacific Daylight Time, lightworkers around the globe will unify in a mass meditation for peace and freedom for humanity.  You are invited to participate remotely or in person at Mt. Shasta. Please see the details at Find the resources you need to enhance your meditative abilities and boost the effectiveness of your co-creative superconsciousness at


Lynn – Today we are creating a first for / and Four websites are represented here today to help disseminate truth to the community. We are joining forces in a united effort to create something bigger than we are alone. It is time for us all to unite. So today’s interview will be hosted by Lynn from Prepare For Change and Justin Deschamps from Stillness in the Storm. Our guests are Corey Goode from Sphere Being Alliance and Cobra from We hope you enjoy this lively exchange of information. Our goal is simple. We are sharing information that will hopefully make discernment a little easier. We aim to create unity in our community.

Lynn – 今天我們創造了 /SphereBeingAlliance.com2012Portal.Blogspot.com的第一次。四個網站今天在這裡幫助傳播真相。我們團結完成一些比我們單獨一人所能做的更大的事情。現在是我們團結的時候。所以今天的訪問將是準備轉變的Lynn和StillnessInTheStorm的Justin Deschamps主持。我們的嘉賓是Sphere Being Alliance的Corey Goode和2012Portal.Blogspot.com的Cobra。希望你能享受這次生動的信息交換。我們的目標很簡單,我們分享信息希望讓洞察更容易,我們的目標是在我們的社群團體中創造團結。

Justin – The questions we are focusing on during this interview will be ones that both Corey and Cobra can answer to the best of their ability. The other questions have been reserved for future interviews, should they occur. While there are differences in the narratives and testimonies provided by Cobra and Corey, we will be focusing on questions that better serve to build unity, fellowship, and common ground.  Any specific questions about differences in their respective testimonies have been withheld for future interviews once a solid foundation for unity has been established, although they are no less important.

Justin – 我們的問題將會是Corey和Cobra都能盡他們最大能力回答的。另外的問題保留到將來的採訪,如果有的話。因為Cobra和Corey的敘事和證詞有所不同,我們將專注於那些更能建立團結,友誼和共同基礎的問題。任何涉及到他們各自證詞有所差別的問題將會保留到將來的採訪,儘管這些問題同樣重要,但還是等到一個堅實團結的基礎建立後再談。 Continue reading 【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年7月PFC 採訪 Cobra/ Corey Goode / Prepare for Change: July 2017 Interview

【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年8月2日訊息【讓它發生!2017年8月21日日全食團結冥想】MAKE THIS VIRAL! UNITY MEDITATION AT THE ECLIPSE 2017-8-21

It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the Solar eclipse on August 21stto create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and enlighten the energy field around the planet.
大家是時候再度展開行動了! 這一次我們將拿回地球命運的主導權!我們都同意地球解放任務已經耗費了太過漫長的時間。現在我們有一個可以齊心加速任務進度的機會。今年8月21日,我們要藉助日全食開啟一個可以統合眾人意識並且點亮地球能量場的門戶。
Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. Invite spiritual groups to join us. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.
Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually help bringing the Event and Full Disclosure closer to us:

This meditation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to strengthen the Light grid which is needed to speed up the process of Full Disclosure and Ascension. Number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.


We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this meditation! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide. The focus will be on the United States, where much healing is needed.

我們的冥想可以達成144,000人的臨界質量! 這次冥想會在全世界的能量場掀起大規模的療癒浪潮。這次的冥想重點是美國。這個國家需要非常大量的療癒。
Astrological chart for our meditation shows a powerful grand trine between Galactic center / Saturn / Lilith in Sagittarius, Eris / Uranus in Aries and Mars / Lunar Node / Sun / Moon in Leo. The core of this grand trine is exact grand trine of Galactic Center at 28 degrees Sagittarius, Uranus at 28 degrees Aries and Sun / Moon eclipse at 28 degrees Leo. At the eclipse, the energy of electric fire of liberation will flow from the Galactic Center (the Pleroma) throughout the Solar System and will be channeled through Uranus and through the Sun / Moon eclipse, all of them located in fire zodiacal signs. Therefore our meditation at the moment of the eclipse has a potential for a huge breakthrough on the planetary surface, as it is a moment of the most direct connection with the Galactic Center. 
This will be the first eclipse since 1918 with the path of totality going through the continental US. This eclipse is a great opportunity for us to make a decision to create unity. Unity of awakened individuals is the most powerful catalyst for the planetary liberation. For this reason me, Corey Goode and many other people are joining forces to gather the critical mass of at least 144,000 people doing this exact meditation.
A joint Cobra / Corey interview has been recorded especially for this occasion and will be released in a few days. 
The path of totality will touch the ground near Salem, OR at 10:18 am PDT and will exit near Charleston, SC at 2:47 pm EDT. For people in the western part of the US the total phase of the eclipse will be already over when the meditation starts. The meditation will start right before the moment of maximum point of the eclipse and people in the central US will be meditating right through the totality. People in the eastern part of the US will be able to watch the total eclipse after the meditation.

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【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年7月30日訊息【簡短近況更新】Short Situation Update

Clearing of the Chimera group and their exotic weapons continues and big breakthroughs have been made.
A process of dehadronization of the Black Stone has begun. This simply means that the Black Stone has begun to decompose into smaller, more manageable chunks of heavy quark matter that get smaller and smaller as the Light Forces give them „loving attention“.
This will further accelerate the process of removal of remaining toplet bombs and the Yaldabaoth plasma entity.


On a Galactic scale, the healing of the remaining quantum spacetime anomaly, the last remnant of the galactic wars that raged across the galaxy for millions of years, is taking place. This means that „tortured space“ is finally being straightened out and healed and the Galactic body of the Pleroma looks healthier that ever before, and for the most of the Galaxy, the trauma of the galactic wars is completely healed.
On a planetary scale, one significant aspect of progress is the Chinese quantum teleportation link between Low Earth Orbit and the surface:
The Light Forces are very effectively using that link to clear plasma anomaly between Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and the planetary surface, accelerating the process of Compression Breakthrough.
Elon Musk has plans to assist the process of Compression Breakthrough from below, creating and underground hyperlink train system:
Elon Musk有計劃從地下協助壓縮突破的過程,建立地下高速列車系統:

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【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年7月21日訊息【回歸光明】Return to Light

There is significant progress and if all goes according to the plan, I will be able to release new update about the status of Yaldabaoth entity / Black Stone situation in about a week.

有重大進展,如果一切按計劃進行,我將能夠在大約一星期內公佈有關姚達伯斯實體/ 黑石情況的最新信息。

An important communication channel between the Resistance and the surface population has been opened:


The Resistance has read all those letters and they are now realizing that the amount of suffering of the surface population is even greater than they imagined.
For this reason, they have prepared a few instructions that can make the pre-Event time easier for the awakened part of the surface population.

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