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【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年10月PFC 採訪 COBRA/ PREPARE FOR CHANGE: October 2017 INTERVIEW

Lynn – Welcome everyone to our October 10th, 2017 PrepareForChange.net/Cobra interview. Welcome back Cobra.

Lynn – 歡迎各位收聽2017年10月10日的PrepareForChange.net/Cobra 採訪。歡迎回來,Cobra。

COBRA – Thank you very much for your invitation. it is one of the best opportunities now to continue with our interviews.

COBRA – 謝謝你們邀請,現在是繼續我們訪問的其中一個最好的時機。

Lynn – I’m going to let Aaron start with our first question.

Lynn – 我想讓Aaron從第一個問題開始。

Aaron – Hi Cobra It’s always good to hear from you. We’ll start out with the first question. This is an interesting question. It’s been in the news a lot. It’s one of the bigger events. It’s about the Las Vegas shooting that transpired about 10 days ago. We’ll start out with one viewer and what he was asking and then we’ll go into specific points. This is one of the complicated one.

Aaron – Hi Cobra,很高興聽你說話。我們從第一個問題開始。這是一個有趣的問題,上了很多次新聞,是其中一件大事。關於10天前的拉斯維加斯槍擊,我們從一位觀眾的問題開始,然後我們會談談具體細節這是一個複雜的問題網上和的Youtube上有很多信息。

There’s a lot of information of the internet and youtube. I just want to get your feedback on it. The question starts out: On October 1st we just experienced a mass shooting/false flag event in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was reported that 58 people died. Is somebody “bigger” behind this attack?


COBRA – Basically it is just one of many attacks that the Cabal engineers to create more fear and panic. This is one of the objectives and I will also add Benjamin Fulford’s opinion: This was engineered to promote more crowd control, more security and the security firms expected to earn money from this. This was the other issue behind it.

COBA – 基本上這只是陰謀集團策劃的很多襲擊的其中之一,目的是製造更多恐慌。這是其中一個目的,我還想加上本傑明富爾福德的觀點:這是用來推行更多的群眾控制,更多的保安措施,保安公司期望從中賺更多錢。這就是​​背後的其他原因。

Aaron – So in reference to Steven Paddock they’re asking: It’s been alleged that he’s the shooter. There’s various opinions wether he was or not. The questioner asked: Who trained him? That might not be a valid question assuming he is the shooter.

Aaron – 關於Steven Paddock,他們問:據說他就是槍手。有各種觀點討論他究竟是不是。這個提問者說:誰訓練他?這可能不是一個有效的問題,假設了他就是槍手。

COBRA – It is simply various aspects of the Cabal that can simply hire that kind of people and they’re trained well enough in advance, so it’s a small operation for the . . . nothing very complicated.

COBRA – 陰謀集團有很多辦法僱傭這類人,他們事前已經受過足夠訓練,所以這是一個小行動…沒有很複雜。

Aaron – It is also said he is an arms dealer.

Aaron – 也有人說他是一個軍火商。

COBRA – Actually there were many shooters, not just one shooter so we have a few people here that are involved with this situation.

COBRA – 實際上有很多個槍手,不只是一個槍手。所以這件事有幾個人參與。

Aaron – Would you say Steven Paddock is a “patsy” he took the fall. They always kill the supposed shooter and the media is wanting to make him out as the only one.

Aaron – 你會不會說Steven Paddock是代罪羔羊他們總是把疑似槍手的人給殺了,媒體希望把他報導成唯一的肇事者。

COBRA – Yes, exactly, exactly, yes yes.

COBRA – 是的,很對。

Aaron – And we have everybody’s got a smart phone now and it’s been lots and lots of recordings. You can hear automatic fire way off in the distance and then the people at the Mandalay Bay can hear it really loud at almost the same time and it wasn’t an echo. You said that there were multiple shooters.

Aaron – 現在人人都有智能手機,人們做了許多記錄。你可以聽到遠處的自動射擊,然後曼德勒海灣度假村的人們同時聽到很大的聲音,那不是回音。你說有多個槍手。

COBRA – Yes.

COBRA – 是的。

Aaron – It’s been said the 34th floor, the 12 floor the 4th floor and also in the crowd. The people who were running from the shooters in Mandalay Bay were getting shot from the front. Well it kind of proves it also. Would you say there were also some crisis actors there.

Aaron – 有人說在34樓,12樓和4樓,也在人群中。那些逃離度假村槍手的人們從正面受到槍擊,這多少也證明了。你認為有沒有危機演員?

COBRA – What kind of crisis.

COBRA – 什麼危機?

Aaron – Well, you know there were real guns and real bullets and real shooters (Yes, yes yes) obvious real people were getting hurt but were there any actors.

Aaron – 你知道有真的槍,真的子彈和真的槍手(Cobra – 是的)。顯然真的有人被槍擊,但有沒有演員?

COBRA – Oh yes, actors, yes, it is a combined situation. There were real victims, real shooters and real blood and there were also actors to inflate the number of victims to inflate the event to create more fear, to create more panic, to create . . .Actually one of the things they wanted to create is that all the alternative community would analyze endlessly what happened, how it happened, why it happened. It’s one big distraction actually. It is counter productive to spend too much time analyzing this because it is just one of many attacks that happen and actually I would give you a perspective: each day chemotherapy kills more people every day in clinics around the United States and around the world and nobody seems to care.

COBRA – 是的,有演員,這是一個混合的情況。有真的受害者,真的槍手,真的血。但也有演員在裡面增加受害者人數,擴大事件製造更多恐懼和恐慌。實際上他們希望所有的另類媒體不斷地分析發生了什麼,如何發生,為什麼發生。這是很大的注意力分散,反向地使人們用過多時間分析這件事,這只是很多襲擊的其中一件。我給你一個角度:在美國和世界各地的診所,化療殺死的人更多,但似乎沒有人在乎。 繼續閱讀 【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年10月PFC 採訪 COBRA/ PREPARE FOR CHANGE: October 2017 INTERVIEW

【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年7月PFC 採訪 Cobra/ Corey Goode / Prepare for Change: July 2017 Interview

Corey – Never before has it been so important for us to learn how to focus our co-creative superconsciousness on obtaining an optimal temporal reality. For too long, negative forces have used our co-creative superconsciousness against us. Many around the world have learned of their co-creative abilities and are focusing these abilities and their intent on a positive future for humanity.

Corey – 對我們來說學習如何聚焦我們共同創造的超級意識去取得一個最理想的現實,之前這件事從未如此重要。長久以來,負面勢力用我們的共同創造超級意識對付我們。世界各地有很多人已經學到他們的共同創造能力,並且把他們的能力和意圖聚集於一個人類正面的未來上。

On August 21st, during the eclipse at 11:11 AM Pacific Daylight Time, lightworkers around the globe will unify in a mass meditation for peace and freedom for humanity.  You are invited to participate remotely or in person at Mt. Shasta. Please see the details at EclipseofDisclosure.com. Find the resources you need to enhance your meditative abilities and boost the effectiveness of your co-creative superconsciousness at http://www.cosmiccocreation.com.


Lynn – Today we are creating a first for PrepareForChange.net/StillnessInTheStorm.com /SphereBeingAlliance.com and 2012Portal.Blogspot.com. Four websites are represented here today to help disseminate truth to the community. We are joining forces in a united effort to create something bigger than we are alone. It is time for us all to unite. So today’s interview will be hosted by Lynn from Prepare For Change and Justin Deschamps from Stillness in the Storm. Our guests are Corey Goode from Sphere Being Alliance and Cobra from 2012Portal.Blogspot.com. We hope you enjoy this lively exchange of information. Our goal is simple. We are sharing information that will hopefully make discernment a little easier. We aim to create unity in our community.

Lynn – 今天我們創造了PrepareForChange.net/StillnessInTheStorm.com /SphereBeingAlliance.com2012Portal.Blogspot.com的第一次。四個網站今天在這裡幫助傳播真相。我們團結完成一些比我們單獨一人所能做的更大的事情。現在是我們團結的時候。所以今天的訪問將是準備轉變的Lynn和StillnessInTheStorm的Justin Deschamps主持。我們的嘉賓是Sphere Being Alliance的Corey Goode和2012Portal.Blogspot.com的Cobra。希望你能享受這次生動的信息交換。我們的目標很簡單,我們分享信息希望讓洞察更容易,我們的目標是在我們的社群團體中創造團結。

Justin – The questions we are focusing on during this interview will be ones that both Corey and Cobra can answer to the best of their ability. The other questions have been reserved for future interviews, should they occur. While there are differences in the narratives and testimonies provided by Cobra and Corey, we will be focusing on questions that better serve to build unity, fellowship, and common ground.  Any specific questions about differences in their respective testimonies have been withheld for future interviews once a solid foundation for unity has been established, although they are no less important.

Justin – 我們的問題將會是Corey和Cobra都能盡他們最大能力回答的。另外的問題保留到將來的採訪,如果有的話。因為Cobra和Corey的敘事和證詞有所不同,我們將專注於那些更能建立團結,友誼和共同基礎的問題。任何涉及到他們各自證詞有所差別的問題將會保留到將來的採訪,儘管這些問題同樣重要,但還是等到一個堅實團結的基礎建立後再談。 繼續閱讀 【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年7月PFC 採訪 Cobra/ Corey Goode / Prepare for Change: July 2017 Interview



【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2017年3月PFC 訪談 Cobra / Prepare for Change: March Interview

Lynn – Hi Cobra (http://2012portal.blogspot.com) Welcome to our March update. This is Lynn from www.prepareforchange.net and Aaron on sound and he’ll be doing half of the questions. So we will start with current event questions and then migrate on to other things. As always, we have more than enough questions. We’re going to get a little extra time with Cobra today so hopefully we’ll be able to get through more questions. Cobra, the first question I have is:

Lynn – Hi Cobra歡迎來到我們三月訪談。我是的Lynn,Aaron負責錄音,他會提出一半問題。我們會問一些有關當前事件的問題,然後轉到其他話題。我們有太多的提問。今天我們和Cobra會花多一點時間,希望能回答更多提問。Cobra,第一個問題是:

Will you please explain in detail to us the meaning of the Success of the February 26th, (2017) Etheric Liberation that we did for the Congo. It was a meditation and you told us that it was quite successful. We reached critical mass. Are there any comments you can give me on this?


COBRA – Actually I have released a detailed report about this. Basically what we have achieved is we reached a critical mass that was needed to actually penetrate the veil and create a lasting change in the structure of the plasma plane around this planet. We have basically sealed the Congo anomaly which is now in the process of extremely fast healing and this has triggered a strong chain reaction with other vortexes around the planet, especially the Syrian vortex and there were immediate effects 4 days after that Palmyra was liberated. There were many other effects. One of the most important effect was the strength of the negative forces have diminished greatly on the plasma plane around the planet since that time. They’re losing that territory very fast. (fantastic)

COBRA – 我已經給出一份詳細的報告。基本上我們達成了所需的關鍵臨界人數,穿透帷幕在行星周圍的等離子層創造了一次持續轉變。我們基本上已經封住了剛果的異常,它的正在被極速快速地療愈,對行星上其他的漩渦觸發了一次強大的連鎖反應,尤其是敘利亞漩渦。即時的效果是4天后巴爾米拉解放。還有其他影響。其中最重要一個影響是從那時開始行星等離子層的負面勢力被極大地削弱,他們正非常快速地失去地盤。

Lynn – I hope things improve significantly especially for Africa.

Lynn – 我希望事情有很大改善,尤其在非洲。

COBRA – They will. But of course on the physical plane this will take time and especially after The Event there will be more lasting changes on the physical plane. (wonderful, that’s really good news)

COBRA –是的。但物理層面將要花一些時間,特別是”事件”後會有更多持續的轉變。

Aaron – Hi Cobra, this is Aaron and we’ll start out with the first question: Corey Goode says that he was told by the Sphere Being Alliance that their Job is the management and transfer of planetary populations. Is it possible that these beings are going to be in charge of the transfer & transportation of Earth’s population at the time of the planetary reset expected sometime after The Event?

Aaron – Cobra,我是Aaron,我們第一個問題是:Corey Goode說球體存有聯盟告訴他,他們的工作是行星人類的轉移和管理。這些存有是不是將會在”事件”之後,行星重置的期間負責地球人類的轉移運輸? 繼續閱讀 【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2017年3月PFC 訪談 Cobra / Prepare for Change: March Interview

維里昂︰阿斯塔指揮部的信息 Vrillon: A Message from the Ashtar Galactic Command

November 26, 1977

“This is the voice of Vrillon, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you.


For many years you have seen us as lights in the skies. We speak to you now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over this, your planet Earth.


We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your world so that you may communicate to your fellow beings the course you must take to avoid the disaster which threatens your world, and the beings on our worlds around you.


This is in order that you may share in the great awakening, as the planet passes into the New Age of Aquarius. The New Age can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race, but only if your rulers are made aware of the evil forces that can overshadow their judgments.


Be still now and listen, for your chance may not come again.


All your weapons of evil must be removed. The time for conflict is now past and the race of which you are a part may proceed to the higher stages of its evolution if you show yourselves worthy to do this. You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace and goodwill.


Small groups all over the planet are learning this, and exist to pass on the light of the dawning New Age to you all. You are free to accept or reject their teachings, but only those who learn to live in peace will pass to the higher realms of spiritual evolution.

目前地球上有一些人開始這個道理並且向全人類傳達新時代即將來臨的好消息。 你們可以選擇忽視他們的教導,但是只有學會與萬物和諧共存的人才能進化到更高的靈性境界。 繼續閱讀 維里昂︰阿斯塔指揮部的信息 Vrillon: A Message from the Ashtar Galactic Command