【地球盟友】Cobra採訪- by Rob Potter Cobra Interview by Rob Potter: April and May 2017

Rob Potter: And here we are, folks, beginning the Cobra interview. I’m happy to have you back on the Victory of Light Radio Show, Cobra, so welcome back.

Rob Potter: 們現Cobra採。很高你回到Victory of Light目,迎回

Cobra: Thank you, very much.

Cobra: 非常感謝。

Rob: And as I told you, I do have a brief monologue prequel to this interview voicing my support of your character and intent as a light worker, and your Intel. This interview is timely as we have many developments on the on-going process of the planetary liberation for planet Earth.

I did have some questions prepared that we may get to later, but in the light of your two latest posts, I have prepared some more relevant questions. So let’s get right to it.

In regards to the March 28 update, you confirmed that Rockefeller is indeed dead and is hiding on the plasma plane. Can you tell us is he captured yet?

Rob: 正如我告訴過你,我給這個訪問做了一個簡短的預先獨白以表達我對你作為一個光之工作者的角色和你的信息的支持。這個採訪是及時的,因為我們有很多關於行星地球解放進程的發展。我準備了一些問題可能稍後再推出,但關於你最近的兩次更新我有更多相關的問題。所以讓我們馬上來問一下。有關3月28日的更新,你確認洛克菲勒已經去並藏在等離子層。能否告訴我們他被逮捕沒有?

Cobra: Yes, actually, he is no longer in this planetary system. He will very soon be on his way to the Central Sun.

Cobra: 是的,實際上他已經不在這個行星系統。他很快會踏上通往中央太陽的道路。

Rob: Okay. Is the plasma plane that you’re speaking about tied into the Earth or with the entire Solar System?

Rob: 好的。你所說的等離子層與地球還是與整個太陽系聯繫在一起?

Cobra: Basically, the whole universe has a plasma layer, but what I’m speaking about mostly is the plasma layer close to the planetary surface, because this is where most of the plasma anomaly is and this is where the problem lies.

Cobra: 基本上整個宇宙有一個等離子層,但我說的主要是靠近行星地表的等離子層,因為那裡是大多數等離子異常的地方,也是問題的所在。

Rob: Okay. It kind of brings up another question here. Is the death experience different for some of the Reptilian, or Draco, souls like Rockefeller than normal Earth people?

Rob: 這帶出另一個問題。與普通的地球人相比,像洛克菲勒那樣的蜥蜴人或者天龍人的靈魂的死亡體驗是否不一樣?

Cobra: Yes, of course, because your vibrational frequency or state of consciousness has a lot to say, a lot of influence on where it is you going after you die. So for an average Reptilian, he will end up on the lower plasma plane or lower etheric plane or lower astral plane. A highly developed soul will just skip very fast through those planes and go higher if he or she will not be captured.

So, the average experience for a Reptilian is quite much different from an average experience of a even an average human being.

Cobra: 是的,因為你的振動頻率或者意識狀態對於你死後去哪裡有很大影響。所以對於一般的蜥蜴人,他將去到更低級等離子層或者低級以太層或者低級星光層。一個高度發達的靈魂將會非常快速通過那些層面到達更高的地方,如果他/她沒有被捕獲的話。所以一個蜥蜴人一般的死亡體驗與一個普通人類有很大區別。

Rob: Okay, death, of course, is one of the greatest mysteries and I, obviously, have faith this is pretty obvious that we . . . you . . . our souls do exist after death. We have had so many evidences of people coming back from the death. It’s still kind of a mystery. We’ve heard the Tibetan Book of the Dead and some of the Egyptian scriptures talk about this.

I think even the Indian Vedas talk about after death. We have a modern day version that comes through “The Urantia Book”.

But can you tell us . . . With all of this going on in the planetary system as of late, can you tell us a little more about what someone who experiences . . . when they go through the death plane is . . . You kind of see yourself outside your body and then it seems as though a lot of people realize what’s going on and they head towards a tunnel of light.

Is that still kind of the same experience? Or is that completely changed now?

Rob: 好的。死亡是其中一個最神秘的事物,我相信我們的靈魂死後仍然存在。我們看到很多人們從鬼門關回來的證據,但這仍然是一個謎。我們聽說過”西藏度亡經”和一些埃及經文談到死亡。我想甚至印度的吠陀經也談到死後經驗,我們也從地球之書看到一個(關於死亡的)現代版本。


Cobra: No, it’s still the same experience. The only difference is on average there is much more light present than there was a few years ago. This transition is much safer for, I would say, most people right now – not for everybody yet. But there has been improvement in the last few years.

The percentage of people captured by the Archons is much lower so there is improvement.

Cobra: 不,仍然一樣。對普通人來說唯一的不同是比幾年前有更多的光。現在對大多數人來說這個(死後的)過渡變得更安全-但還不是對每個人都如此。但過去幾年已經有一些改善。被執政官抓捕的人們百分比低了很多,所以是有改善的。

Rob: Yes, that was my next question. It’s kind of what you just said there – the Archons tricking people into the incarnational process.

Now, in some of your previous posts, you had mentioned that strangelet and toplet bombs were said to be tied to the Unholy Four and major Cabal members. You indicated previously that arrests could trigger these bombs. Is this still the case?

Rob: 是的,這是我下一個問題。你好像說過執政官欺騙人們進入輪回的過程。現在談談你之前的一些文章,你提到奇異夸克和頂夸克炸彈仍然與罪惡四人組以及主要的陰謀集團成員綁定在一起。你指出大逮捕會觸發這些炸彈。現在仍然是這樣嗎。

Cobra: There is still a problem with it, but there are, I would say, certain plans and certain approaches of the light forces that can circumvent this.

I will not go in detail here, but it’s a complex subject. So I cannot give a straightforward answer. In some cases, bombs could be triggered. In some cases, it could be prevented. And there are plans underway which will completely eliminate this.

Cobra: 這仍然是一個問題,但我會說光明勢力有某些計劃和某些方法能繞過它。我不會談及細節,這是一個復雜的主題,所以我無法給一個直接的回答。在某些情況下這些炸彈可能被觸發。在一些情況下可以避免。有一些正在進行的計劃將會完全排除這個問題。

Rob: Okay. In some of your previous posts, in regards . . . you mentioned the strangelet bombs. If these were set off, you said the Confederation and forces could stop this reaction. How . . .

Rob: 你之前的文章提到奇異夸克炸彈如果被引爆,銀河聯邦能停止這個(爆炸的)反應,怎麼做…

Cobra: Actually strangelet bombs have been removed completely. What we have now is the toplet bombs.

Cobra: 奇異夸克炸彈已經完全清理,現在我們剩下頂夸克炸彈。

Rob: Okay. So I guess the question is, would they be able to stop the toplet bombs?

Rob: 好的。我想這個問題是,他們能否阻止頂夸克炸彈?

Cobra: I would say, again, in a few cases yes. This reaction has not completely mastered yet, but they are getting closer and closer. And when they will be able to completely master this, I would expect the Event to happen.

Cobra: 再說一次,在一些情況下可以。這個反應他們還沒有完全掌握,但他們越來越接近成功。當他們能完全掌握這個反應,我期望”事件”會發生。

Rob: That’s really good news. Is it possible, if the Cabal members die, maybe like David Rockefeller, and this does not trigger the toplet bombs, as a raid would?

Rob: 這真是好消息。有沒有可能如果陰謀集團的成員死亡,比如大衛.洛克菲勒,這不會觸發炸彈,但一次突襲(導致死亡)會?

Cobra: The death itself does not trigger the toplet bomb.

Cobra: 死亡本身不會觸發炸彈。

Rob: Okay, so it would be more like the raid or the other things that they could see coming.

Rob: 所以更可能的是他們看到突襲或者其他事情的到來?

Cobra: I would say they have a very complex fuzzy logic algorithm which determines when this is triggered and when this is not triggered. It’s an artificial intelligence thing that determines where and when and under which circumstances it triggers this.

Cobra: 我會說他們有一個非常復雜的模糊算法決定什麼時候會觸發,什麼時候不會觸發。這是一個人工智能來決定在何時何地,什麼情況下觸發。

Rob: Okay. I was going into some of your links in regards to the main scalar mind-control hub. It is now located at Brookhaven Lab for the entire planet. Is this correct?

Rob: 好的。你分享過一些鏈接關於主要的標量腦控中心。它現在位於布魯克海文實驗室,是嗎。

Cobra: Not absolutely correct. I would say it’s located in Long Island in various locations. Brookhaven is one of those locations but not the only one. There have been improvements lately. But I would say the main hub is Long Island.

Cobra: 不完全正確。我會說它在長島的各個地點。布魯克海文實驗室是其中一個地方,但不是唯一一個。最近那裡有一些進展,但我會說主要的中心是長島。

Rob: Okay, thank you. The link you shared on your site said that there are . . . and this is probably pretty old information. It said there are 36 sites in operation at this time, though there are probably many more worldwide. Can you tell us where some of the other powerful hubs of this HAARP technology are located?

Rob: 謝謝。你分享的那些網站好像是很舊的信息。那裡說現在有36個地點在運作,可能還有更多在全世界。能否告訴我們其他一些HAARP技術的強大中心在哪裡?

Cobra: Actually, there are many sites, which if you’re speaking about HAARP technology, mainly there are many sites. Many of them are known. You have them in Canada, in north Europe. You have them all over the world.

Cobra: 有很多地方,如果你說的是HAARP技朮,很多地方都已經被人知道。在加拿大,北歐,全世界都有。

Rob: Okay, thank you.

Rob: 好的,謝謝。

Cobra: This is not the main problem. The HAARP technology is an outdated old technology. They have much more advanced mobile units, which can be easily shifted or moved to other locations.

Cobra: 這不是主要問題。HAARP技術是過時的舊技術,他們有更先進的移動設備可以輕易轉移到其他地點。

Rob: So these are actually mobile units? Are these like in semi-trucks? Or are they larger than that?

Rob: 所以這些實際上是移動設備,就像半掛式卡車?或者是更大的東西?

Cobra: They can be quite small. They can fit in a small van, actually.

Cobra: 它們可以是小型的,能放進小面包車裡。

Rob: And do these work in conjunction with . . . There must be Chimera technology beneath the surface of the planet that is tying into these networks. Is that correct?

Rob: 必須有地下的奇美拉科技與這些網絡捆綁,是嗎。

Cobra: Yes, there are many layers of this technology. I would say that various groups have access to this on a need-to-know basis. I would say parts of negative militaries, especially the Air Force, have access to part of this but not all of this.

Cobra: 是的,這個技術有很多層面。我會說各個團體在須知的基礎上能使用這些科技。部分的負面軍隊,尤其是空軍能使用到這個技術一部分但不是全部。

Rob: Would you say that most of these mind-control technologies on the planet are located in high population areas?

Rob: 大多數這些腦控技術位於行星上人口稠密的地區?

Cobra: I would say one of the networks is connected to high population areas, but there is another network which needs to be spaced out literally throughout the planet’s surface because there’s a very specific wavelength which needs to maintained to keep the whole planet in low vibration. So they are putting this on certain nodes which allow this very particular wavelength to be maintained (inaudible).

Cobra: 我會說其中一個網絡連接著人口稠密區,但有另一個網絡需要真正覆蓋整個行星地表,因為需要維持一個非常特別的波長保持整個行星的低振動。所以他們把這些設備放置到某些節點,讓這個特殊的波長得以維持。

Rob: Yes, so they’re giving us a negative acupuncture treatment to the planet Earth in that way.

I have many people contacting me through emails – I would say probably in the last few months probably up to 15 – who are complaining of electronic harassment. And I was just wondering, even though these nodes are moving around that are under this mind control and plasma scalar field Chimera technology. I’m wondering if they moved to more remote locations, would this mitigate their suffering?

Rob: 所以他們給地球做了一個負面的針灸。我收到很多人的來信,過去幾個月有15封郵件,他們說受到電子騷擾。我想知道這些節點在四處變動,如果人們搬到偏遠地方能否減輕他們的痛苦?

Cobra: Actually, moving  a natural location can help to some degree in many cases but not in all cases. What would also help is to move near a body of water, because water tends to disconnect scalar plasma waves.

Cobra: 搬到一個自然的地方在很多情況下有一些幫助,但不是所有情況。另外搬到水體附近也有幫助,因為水傾向與標量等離子波分離。

Rob: Okay. Well, I guess living in Maui that helps a bit. Can you tell us, is this technology located in satellites? And could they target an individual anywhere on the planet?

Rob: 好吧,我想住在毛伊島有一點幫助。這種技術在衛星上有沒有?他們能否瞄準行星上一個人?

Cobra: Yes, I would say one layer of that technology is located on satellites. And theoretically it can target any individual, but lately they’re having developments where the Pleiadian ships, the Pleiadian fleet and their mother ships, have disabled parts of this.

So it is not as active as it was even a few months ago. But that’s just one layer of technology. There are many layers of this.

Cobra: 是的,那個技術其中一個層面在衛星上。理論上可以瞄準任何個體,但後來昴宿星艦隊已經讓部分技術失去作用。現在這個技術不像幾個月前那麼活躍,但那只是其中一個層面,還有很多層。

Rob: Okay, so that’s very good news. And obviously at the time of the Event, if not a little bit before, a lot of this technology would be brought down with one order by the Galactic Confederation.

Rob: 這是很好的消息。很明顯在”事件”發生的時候,如果不是剩下一點,那麼銀河聯邦會逐漸地拆除這個技術的很大部分。

Cobra: This will be completely shut down at the time of the Event, if not a little bit before. It will be completely shut down.

Cobra: 在”事件”發生的時候這將會完全清理,不會剩下一點。

Rob: Well, that’s really good news. Okay, this is another question. It kind of goes into pyramids and stuff, but it has been said this scalar and other technologies are used to influence the magnetic, magmatic core of the Earth, which is intimately associated with the human (inaudible) bodies on the etheric and plasma plane.

It is known that the Melchizedechs and other previous civilizations throughout the ancient history have placed many pyramids on the Earth. And we have been told that they’ve been intended to stabilize the Earth’s magnetic grids and ley line fields. Can you comment on this?

Rob: 這是很好的消息。這裡是另一個問題,關於金字塔方面。有人說這種標量技術和其他技術用於影響地球的地磁和岩漿核心,這麼做與人類的乙太和等離子層的身體有關。我們知道麥基洗德和古代歷史中其他的文明在地球上建造很多金字塔。我們知道他們的意圖是穩定地球的地磁網格和地脈線。你能否評論一下?

Cobra: Yes, actually, pyramids are portals based on sacred geometry that can transmit higher dimensional energies and they can actually counteract the negative scalar technology. And this is why the network of pyramids was put on critical planetary nodes in the time of Atlantis and some of those pyramids are still visible or accessible one way or the other.

And the dark forces are actually afraid of the power of the pyramids. That’s why they suppress the science of the pyramids, because this is one of the key factors to counteract the effects of the negative plasma technologies.

Cobra: 是的。金字塔是基於神聖幾何的門戶,它傳輸高維能量,抵消負面標量技術。這就是金字塔網絡在亞特蘭蒂斯時代被建造在關鍵的行星節點上的原因,其中一些金字塔現在仍然屹立或者能用某個方式進入。黑暗勢力害怕金字塔的力量。這是他們掩蓋金字塔科學的原因,因為這是抵消負面等離子科技的影響的其中一個關鍵因素。

Rob: Yeah, this was actually, in the work with Dr. Fred Bell, a lot of the pyramid technologies that he created, they said that the pyramid system that he had was actually used as divine intervention with people’s consciousness interacting to amplify, utilizing the crystals and lasers, the thought forms of the individuals that’s in these systems to like . . . during the world peace meditation which is coming up in 10 hours . . . We hope it is successful, folks. By the time we get the transcript and this audio to you, it will have taken place.

But this pyramid supposedly was to amplify human thought forms. I’m wondering, does this also affect the Inner Earth, the pyramid, and how does it do that?

Rob: 是的。Fred Bell博士創造了很多金字塔技術,他們說他的金字塔系統是用人們意識的相互作用來放大神聖干預,利用到水晶和激光。在這些系統中人們的思想會…在10小時後的世界和平冥想中….我們希望能獲得成功。到我們把這個錄音和文字公布的時候冥想應該完了。但這個金字塔應該是放大人類的思想。我想知道金字塔能否影響到地球內部,如何做到?

Cobra: Actually, pyramid systems and the system that Fred Bell http://thepromiserevealed.com/pyramid-systems-2/ developed are Pleiadian technology. And he had been given that technology. One of the purposes was to stabilize the tectonic plates, which are connected to the planetary core.

This was one aspect. The other aspect was to raise the consciousness of humanity. And the third aspect is to counteract the acts of the negative plasma scalar grid. And he was very well aware of this. And he was actually working consciously to counteract this.

Cobra: 金字塔系統和Fred Bell開發的系統是昴宿星人的技術。他得到了這個技術。其中一個目的是穩定與行星核心有關聯的構造板塊。這是一個方面。另一個方面是提高人類的意識。第三個方面是抵消負面等離子標量網絡。他很清楚這方面,他是有意識地抵消這個網絡。

Rob: Yeah. Okay, thank you very much. Is HAARP still generating rifts in the time-space continuum basis like El Yunque and Puerto Rico, the UK Ascension island, or has this type of thing been shut down?

Rob: 非常感謝。HAARP是否仍然在時空連續體底部制造裂縫,比如在波多黎各的EI Yunque森林公園,英國的阿森松島,還是說這個技術已經停止運作?

Cobra: Okay, the HAARP technologies, I mentioned before, are outdated. They’re old technologies, and they have much less power now than they had before and they cannot influence the timelines.

Cobra: HAARP技術就像我之前說過,是過時的技術。它們是舊技術,他們現在的力量比以前少了很多,沒有辦法影響時間線。

Rob: What is the primary technology, if you could share a little bit of this. We know they have the ELF. That’s probably an older technology, but probably still used in the electronic systems of the Earth. Can you talk a little bit about what are the propagation waves going on with this alien mind control network that’s being foisted upon us.

Rob: 能否說一下主要的技術是什麼。我們知道ELF極低頻。這可能是一項舊技術,但可能仍然用於地球的電子系統。能否談談這個影響著我們的思想控制網絡的傳播波如何作用?

Cobra: Okay. The main technologies are so-called Morphic chambers. Morphic chambers are . . . I would say are artificial intelligence constructs which influences the plasma  and shapes the plasma field with strong electromagnetic fields and scalar waves.

It’s actually a technology that shapes and designs the plasma plane around the planet. And whole planetary surface  under the influence of this technology.

And since last week, the Galactic Confederation forces are removing this. And this is what triggered for the first time in human history the reaction of the Chimera Group, because they said, “If the Galactic forces intervene, we will create World War III.” So this is why this Syria situation is happening now.  Because for the first time in human history, the Galactic forces are clearing this out.

Cobra: 主要的技術稱為變形室。變形室我會說是人工智能的構造,它用強大的電磁場和標量波影響和塑造等離子場。它實際上是一種塑造和設計行星周圍的等離子層的技術。整個行星地表處於這個技術的影響之下。自上星期以來,銀河聯邦在移除這個技術。這在人類歷史上第一次觸發了奇美拉的反應,因為他們說”如果銀河聯邦介入,我們就發動第三次世界大戰”。所以這就是現在敘利亞問題的原因。所以人類歷史上首次,銀河聯邦正在清理這個技術。

Rob: Well, this is obviously been great news for a lot of us who are receiving your Intel. I do have several questions on this coming up here.

But kind of in a related story there of the clearing, according to some sources and Corey, but you know, I don’t want to get specific with just Corey, but Corey has – and the group – in some of his posts has stated that recently in raids in underground Homeland Security and FEMA bases, Marines, ignorant of the ET factor, are getting PTSD, because they are facing Reptilians without any briefing.

Can you confirm that these raids are happening in this matter?

Rob: 這對我們很多人來說真是重大的消息。我還有幾個有關的問題想提出。但關於清理的另一個故事,根據一些消息來源比如Corey,你知道我不想對Corey吹毛求疵,但Corey的文章裡提到最近海軍陸戰隊突襲了國土安全部和聯邦應急管理局的地下基地,他們不知道ET的事情,這些軍人受到了心理創傷因為他們面對的是蜥蜴人但沒有獲得任何作戰指示。你能否確認這些突擊行動發生過?

Cobra: Okay, I cannot confirm this, because based on my Intel, the only underground bases that are really underground are the Chimera bases and the light forces bases. The negative military has lost their bases years ago. And I would say I can confirm certain aspects of Corey’s Intel, but I cannot confirm a great deal of it also.

Cobra: 我無法確認。因為根據我的信息,唯一真正在地下的地下基地是奇美拉基地和光明勢力的基地。負面軍隊已經在幾年前失去了他們的基地。我能確認Corey信息的一些方面,但不能確認很大部分。

Rob: Okay. Can you talk about . . . would . . . If the human military come, in clearing some of these bases, or any bases, I guess, when they come upon Reptilians, do you think they’re briefed on this or are they just like . . . is this just a shock to them?

Rob: 如果人類軍隊去清理那些基地,當他們見到蜥蜴人,你認為他們是事前得到知悉還是…非常震驚?

Cobra: When this was happening, it was both. Some personnel were briefed beforehand. Some of them not. It was, again, on a need-to-know basis. Actually, it’s true. It was happening that many of them had quite severe shock when they encountered Reptilian entities clearing the bases.

Cobra: 當這種事情發生時,兩者都有。一些軍方人員預先得到簡報,一些人沒有。他們在一個需知的基礎上獲得一些信息。實際上這種事情真的發生過,當他們在清理基地時遭遇蜥蜴人,很多人相當震驚。

Rob: Okay, I was basing this next question on . . . that the military – positive military – that is taking place in some of these underground hidey holes, but I would imagine that Trump is ignorant of this type of operation?

Rob: 正義軍在清理這些地下基地,但我可以想象特朗普不知道這類行動。

Cobra: Okay, Trump is not very high on the intelligence ladder, so he has not been briefed on many things.

Cobra: 在情報階梯上特朗普的位置不是那麼高,他很多事情都不知道。

Rob: Yeah, that’s what I’ve been feeling to. Many people are waking up and are not aware of the lower level Cabal members who are responsible for evil programs working within a subtle series of groups like the Illuminati, Freemasons, CFR, (inaudible), RAND, IMF, World Bank, World Health Organization, the Committee of 300, multi-national corporations.

And, of course, the American, I guess we could call it political octopus of the DOJ, the NSA, the CIA, the CDC, Department of Justice, Department of State, and even now the Atmospheric and Engineering is having deep secrets with all of the chemical spraying.

However, most of the population is not aware that these Earth organizations are controlled by hostile, renegade ET groups, Omegans, Reptilians, Greys, insectoids, Tall Whites, and others.

I’m going to ask you, is this inter-dimensional war that is totally raging at this time . . . will the population ever get a clear history of the Earth’s dilemma on a mass scale or before the Event? Or will all this info. come after the Event?

We’re getting snippets of this and snippets of that, but it’s not being released in one fell swoop because there’s so many groups. Can you tell us about that? So many people want to know who’s who and what’s going on.

Rob: 是的,我也這麼覺得。很多人正在覺醒但沒有意識到那些低級的陰謀集團成員,那些人進行著邪惡計劃,在各個團體裡工作,比如光明會,共濟會,外交關系委員會,蘭德智庫,國際貨幣基金組織,世界銀行,世衛,300委員會,跨國公司。當然美國還有一個我稱為政治章魚的東西,包括司法部,國安局,中情局,疾病控制中心,國務院,現在甚至大氣層的化學噴霧都有很多秘密。然而大多數人類沒有意識到這些地球上的組織是由敵對的ET團體,蜥蜴人,灰人,昆蟲人,高大白人和其他種族控制。我想問這場正在全面進行的跨維度戰爭,在”事件”之前人類能否大規模得知地球困局的清晰歷史。或者這些信息會在”事件”後公開?我們只知道一些小小的片段,但這些信息從來沒得到一下子公開,因為有很多團體。很多人想知道誰是誰,發生了什麼。

Cobra: Okay, first I’ll explain what’s going on. And you have now just explained the basic structure of the Illuminati. I would say the basic structure. But there are people, there are beings, there are structures behind the scenes that are controlling the Illuminati and all those structures that you have just mentioned.

The first player is the Jesuits, and I think most people are not aware of the real power and the real scope of the Jesuits reach and they are basically controlling . . . They are the ones that are controlling the so-called Khazarian Mafia. They are the ones that are controlling all those organizations.

And behind the Jesuits you have the Archon families. They are old lineages that came from the Andromeda galaxy a long time ago and have been incarnating in certain select families mainly in Europe. And they are the ones controlling the Jesuits which are controlling the Illuminati. And behind them are inter-dimensional ET entities and the Chimera group.

Regarding the Reptilians, the Draco, that you have just mentioned, most of those have been cleared out and they are not having as much influence on the planetary situation anymore. And this is just to give you a little explanation of what’s going on.

And regarding the second half of your question, we are only going to get Full Disclosure at the time of the Event. It is not possible to get Full Disclosure before the media control is out of the hands of the dark forces.

There have been a lot of talk about partial disclosure, and I think that talk is unnecessary. Of course, we are getting only . . . We can only be getting partial disclosure before the Event.

And, of course, we will get absolute and Full Disclosure after the Event and (inaudible) the Event.

It’s a logical conclusion if you understand the situation. It cannot be otherwise. So when the light forces will get control over the mass media, they will release everything. They will explain everything.

They will explain what’s going on, what is going on, and all that . . . all those games behind the scenes will be exposed.

Cobra: 首先我解釋一下發生了什麼。你剛剛所說的是光明會的基礎架搆。但在幕後還有人控制著光明會和所有你提到的那些組織。第一個是耶穌會。我想大部分人不知道耶穌會的真正力量和真正勢力範圍。他們控制著可薩人黑手黨,控制著所有那些組織。穌會背後有執政官家族。他們是很久以前來自仙女座銀河系的古老家系,他們轉世到一些被選中的家庭,主要在歐洲。他們控制著耶穌會,耶穌會控制光明會。在他們背後是跨維度的ET實體和奇美拉。關於你提到的蜥蜴人和天龍人,大多數已經被清理出去,他們不再對行星形勢有太多影響。這是對現在發生的事情的一點解釋。


Rob: Thank you. That’s what I’ve been feeling kind of consistently as well is that we just can’t get the proof now. I’m always very cautious. I am afraid to say hooray we have won! I know that the liberation is coming and that things will move forward, but I’m always very cautious with believing anything until it actually comes out into the un censored  mainstream for all to see.

I think we can feel with your intelligence . . . and even Corey’s intelligence, which confirms some of the stuff, although you guys seem to have differing views on certain situations.

I’ll say this, it’s very good news that you just said that most of the Draco’s’ and the Reptilians’ influence has been removed and that we’re now dealing with primary Chimera and Archons and Earth-based minions. Is that correct?

Rob: 謝謝。這也是我一直所認為的,我們現在只是沒有證據。我總是很謹慎。我知道解放正在推進,但總是很注意不要相信任何事直到它真的通過主流媒體報道。我想我們能感覺到你的信息..甚至Corey的信息能確認到一些事情,雖然你們在一些情況下似乎會有不同意見。你剛才提到大部分天龍人和蜥蜴人的影響已經清除,現在我們處理是主要的奇美拉和執政官還有他們在地球上的手下。是嗎?

Cobra: Yes, that is absolutely correct. I would say that the number of Draco and Reptilian forces on Earth have been decreased by at least 95% in the last few years.

Cobra: 是的,完全正確。地球上天龍人和蜥蜴人的數量在過去幾年減少了至少95%。

Rob: Can you talk a little bit about this Jesuits? So let’s say we have a major Andromedan galaxy, Chimera Archon that’s been here in the Earth family and they decide to make something happen. Is this taking place in the human level like a telephone call to certain agents that initiate operation this, operation that, and how do they get these politicians and these individuals to react and to do their biding so very soon? How does this go from Archon to, you know, ISIL agents so quickly?

Rob: 你能否談談這個耶穌會。比如地球上某個家族有一個奇美拉執政官決定做點事。在人類的層面上是不是打個電話就能行動?他們如何讓這些政治家作出反應,這麼快執行他們的命令?從執政官到伊斯蘭國代理人如何傳達得這麼快?

Cobra: Okay. First, I need to explain the Jesuit’s network. The Jesuits were building their network for almost 500 years. So that network was fully active with spies, with agents, everywhere, in all the governments, in all the secret organizations, before the Western financial system really expanded in the last 200 years.

So they were here before the Rothschilds. They were controlling the Rothschilds. And before the Rothschilds, they were controlling the financial system. They have infiltrated the Freemasons in the 18th century.

So through that infiltration, they have infiltrated all the secret Illuminati organizations 200 years and more ago. So they have their agents everywhere and they simply pull the strings through their agents.

Okay, so it’s a very small group actually. I would say maybe we have 15,000 Jesuits of which maybe 5~10% are in their network. The rest are just regular people who are practicing their faith and have no idea that there is a shadow organization on the top.

And of those, I would say maybe 1,000 active Jesuit agents, they can easily be controlled by a small Archon group, and a small Archon group just pulls their strings, because the Archon network is even older and it has been here for thousands and thousands of years and, of course, the older network, the more experienced network, can control the newer network quite easily because they have a lot of experience, a lot of knowledge how to control.

They have everything about mind control. They know everything that is humanly possible to know about this. So they are using this to their advantage.

Cobra: 首先我需要解釋耶穌會網絡。耶穌會建立他們的網絡幾乎有500年。所以那個網絡是全面運作的,在所有政府和所有秘密組織裡有很多間諜,代理人。這發生在200年前西方金融系統真正擴張之前。所以他們比羅斯柴爾德更早就在這裡。他們控制羅斯柴爾德,在此之前他們就控制了金融系統。他們在18世紀滲透了共濟會。



Rob: Okay. So are these 1,000 Jesuits that are kind of in there, are these the . . . like the baby sacrificing kind of Black Sun worshiping . . .

Rob: 所以這1000個耶穌會士就是那些進行嬰兒獻祭,崇拜黑色太陽的人…

Cobra: Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Cobra: 是的。

Rob: Okay, and so these groups definitely know that what they’re doing. It’s not like they’re being misled to do this and . . .

Rob: 所以說那些團體完全明白自己在做什麼,他們不像是被誤導而去做這些…

Cobra: No.

Cobra: 不是。

Rob: . . . they’re actually told something and they’re moving forward. Okay.

Rob: …他們真的是被命令並且去推行一些事情。

Cobra: They do this consciously with their free will decision.

Cobra: 他們以自己的自由意志有意識地去做。

Rob: That’s bad news, but thank you very much for that. This is kind of . . . You know, I feel this at times, but this is really coming from a lot of people, of course, many of them who are just tuning in and hearing that there’s good news and the planet can be liberated and their human conditions won’t allow them to see, or they don’t have enough information of the complexity of the quarantine and the hostage situation, but so many people are telling, “The Republic’s Restored”, “resets tomorrow”, “St. Germane and Arch Angel said . . .” this and that.

You know, I appreciate people sending this information, but I kind of roll my eyes because we know that these plans will absolutely eventually be carried out, and will eventually find fertile ground of some form or another.

But for me, until I see the end of the Babylonian horror of mainstream media and the full truth broadcast on television, all I say – you know, not to be negative to people – is wait and see. And so I guess for myself, and for others, can you give us any assurance that these proclamations of the success of victories are real?

Rob: 這是壞消息,但還是感謝你。很多人愛好聽好消息說行星解放,但他們自身的人類因素讓他們看不到,或者沒有足夠的有關隔離的複雜程度和人質危機的信息,但很多人都在說”共和國恢復了””明天就重置””聖哲曼和大天使說…”諸如此類。我感謝發這些信息的人,但我不會放在心上,因為我知道這些計劃最終都會落實。但對我來說直到看見主流媒體操縱的結束并且在電視上播出全面真相為止,我只能等著,我不是潑人們冷水。但對我和其他人來說,你能否保證這些勝利,這些成功的宣告是不是真的?

Cobra: Depending on the source where you get them.

Cobra: 這取決於你從哪裡獲得這些信息來源。

Rob: Well, yeah, okay, that’s good. Well, you have been a source. Corey has been a source. You two are probably, obviously, the two top voices in the esoteric movement, you know, by most people. Corey, to me, is . . . seems like an accidental reporter.

He’s very normal human, very high integrity, honest, and is reporting things that kind of have another, a different, slant. And, of course, some of it’s coming through the government and some of it’s coming through allegedly these super groups.

But you’re both kind of supporting each other in the Intel, but certain differences, which is good. I think Corey is more a mainstream person and your intelligence is a little bit more refined for the metaphysically oriented and those that have the history of the Great White Brotherhood and stuff.

So can you give us any assurances that the things that you are saying are moving along as far as the taking down? I believe it. I have faith in this, and I know that we can’t see a lot of this stuff until the end. But can you give some assurance for the rest of our audience?

Rob: 對,你也是一個信息來源,Corey也是。你們很明顯是圈內最權威的兩把聲音。但Corey對我來說似乎像是一個意外的報道者。他是非常普通的人類,正直誠實,他報道一些有點不同的信息。當然一些信息來自政府,一些來自他所稱的超級團體。但你們都支持對方的信息,而又有點不同,這是好的。我想Corey更像是一個主流的人而你的信息更多的是精細和形而上方面的。談談你所說的那些進展。我是相信的,但我知道直到結束之前我們無法看到太多證據,但你能否向我們其他聽眾保證一下。

Cobra: Yes, of course, there is progress all the time, but given the enormity and enormous scope of this operation, of course this cannot happen over night, because we are dismantling 25,000 years of efforts by the dark forces to keep this planet enslaved. And they are now removing all those layers of control.

So it takes some time. And you can see some kinds of progress anywhere, everywhere, if you know just where to look. Of course, you will not find anything in the mainstream media, especially in the West.

You might find it in the mainstream media in the East. You might find it in the alternative media. And you can also sense the progress if you have inner connections.

So I would not want to give you any external assurance. It needs to come from inside of you.

Cobra: 是的,一直都有進展。但考慮到這個行動的龐大範圍,當然不能一夜完成。因為我們正在瓦解的是25000年來黑暗勢力為奴役這個行星作出的努力,我們正移除那些控制層面。所以這需要花一些時間。你可以在任何地方看到某些進展,如果你知道看哪裡。當然你在主流媒體上找不到,尤其在西方。你可能在東方的主流媒體上找到,可能在另類媒體上找到。如果你建立了內在聯繫,你也能感受到進展。所以我不會給人們任何外部的保證,這需要來自你自己內在。

Rob: Thank you. I want to . . . I get that internal assurance, and then, of course, all of the negativity and stuff I just am hesitant to start proclaiming victory.

I know that it’s coming. I think we just need to keep our head down and keep moving along with these group meditations and things of this nature. They are helping.

Now, you mentioned, it looks like the New World Order of One World Religion as gaining some forward support-the biblical-type prophecy. You’ve mentioned Shimon Perez and, I think, it was the Jesuits. Will this effort find traction among the world’s populace? Or is this just kind of like a wet dream?

Rob: 謝謝。我內心確信這些,但我不會那麼快開始宣布勝利。我知道事情正在到來,我想我們只需埋頭做事,繼續那些集體冥想之類的工作就行,那是有幫助的。你提到似乎有一個統一宗教的新世界秩序,想實現聖經那種預言。你也提到Shemon Perez(以色列前總統),我想他是耶穌會的。這些企圖能否牽動大眾,或者只是一場幻想?

Cobra: Yes, of course, many controlling groups have a dream of creating the Armageddon-type of scenario, the End Times scenario, but it will not be successful because they have free will, but we also have free will. And our free will says, “No!” to this.

Cobra: 是的,很多控制團體都有一個夢想,創作大決戰的劇本,世界末日情節,但這不會成功。因為他們有自由意志,我們也有自由意志說不。

Rob: Very good. That was another question. I know that a lot of biblical prophecy and timelines, of course, were connected to the higher echelon of cosmic beings that were looking in the future and, of course, things change – and it’s an ever-present changing future with all these timelines and stuff.

So my question to you, Cobra, is will this – some of these look a little prophesies, kind of indicates wars and rumors of wars, which are certainly taking place now. We do have world wars. We have obviously these attempts by the dark forces moving forward.

Can you tell us – and I don’t expect you to predict the future, but it was foreseen that there would kind of be this war where these advanced, obviously, nuclear weapons, would not be allowed so it would kind of be a war of . . . a standard ground war would take place where China moves into the Middle East, and, of course, we have all this. prophecy and the final conflict on the plain of Megiddo ?

Are these plans completely changed? Or would you say those timelines are off? And can you shed a little light on that ancient prophecy that some people are hoping or expecting to happen, which is negative? But what’s the situation with like Plain of Megiddo, and that type of thing?

Rob: 很好。這裡有另一個問題。我知道很多聖經預言和時間線,這些與高維的宇宙存有看到的未來有關,但未來總是在變化。所以我的問題是,這些預言,有點像戰爭預示或者戰爭預言,確實正在發生。我們真的有過世界大戰。黑暗勢力明顯在企圖實現它們。我不指望你能預測未來,但這些戰爭似乎早被預知,當然不會是核戰,可能是常規戰爭,比如中國進入中東這種預言。這些計劃是否完全改變了?你會不會說那些時間線已經關閉?對於一些人期望會發生的負面的古代預言你怎麼看?比如美吉多平原是什麼情況?(注:聖經末日之戰預言提到的一個地方)

Cobra: Certain groups are having this as their goal, but this is not going to happen because our collective free will is already stronger because many people have awakened and have said, “No!” to that. So certain groups are trying to manifest this and it is manifesting in a limited way already, but this is about it.

Cobra: 某些團體以此作為他們的目標,但這不會發生。因為我們集體的自由意志已經更加強大,很多人覺醒了并且說”不”。某些團體試圖實現那些預言,它以一個有限的方式實現了,僅此而已。

Rob: Okay. Now, I want to remark on Benjamin Fulford said that the Gnostic nobility is being attacked by the Jesuits. And this is more the physical plane. But I kind of detest the idea of nobility as far as human political control goes, and I feel that this will not deter the Confederation’s resistance plans. Would you agree with that?

Rob: 好的。現在我想談談本傑明富爾福德,他說諾斯替貴族正受到耶穌會攻擊。這更多是現實的攻擊。就人類的政治操縱而言,我有點討厭貴族這個概念。我想這件事不會阻礙到抵抗運動的計劃,你同不同意?

Cobra: Okay, the positive White Nobility is not the same as the nobility that has experience on this planet for many thousands of years. It is actually nobility of the spirit, which can actually create a bloodline – I would say a positive bloodline that can influence things for the better.

It is not so much about prestige and wealth. It is more about nobility of the spirit. So it is something that is happening. There are groups like this. There are (inaudible) on this planet and they’re working with the resistance forces and other positive forces for the planetary liberation.

Cobra: 正面白色貴族與這個行星上幾千年來的那種貴族不一樣。它實際上是靈性貴族,他們創造了一個血統-我會說對事情有更好影響的正面血統。他們不那麼與聲望和財富有關,更多的是靈性上的貴族。所以這是正在發生的事情,有這樣的一些團體,他們為行星解放與抵抗運動和其他正面勢力一起工作。

Rob: Okay, these people have been placed in position to . . . They’re basically good, upstanding, moral characters working for the light that are working in the current political situation behind the scenes to change the world situation. What percentage of this group is aware and is being guided openly by ET forces and, I guess, White Brotherhood, or spiritual contacts?

Rob: 好的,這些人基本上是好的,有著正直的品格,在當前的政治局勢中在幕後為改變世界而工作。這個團體有多少百分比的人知道并且公開得到ET勢力的指導,比如淨光兄弟會或者靈性接觸?

Cobra: Okay. Most of them are not directly aware in this manner, but they are being guided nevertheless. So most of them they do not have open contact, but they receive spiritual guidance. They receive impressions and they receive visible or sometimes invisible help from the light forces.

Cobra: 他們大多數人不是直接以這個方式知道情況,但不用說他們是受指導的。多數人沒有公開的接觸,但他們會獲得靈性指導。他們從光明勢力那裡得到可見的,有時是不可見的幫助。

Rob: Excellent. Are the peoples revolts in Spain and Scotland that you referenced or anywhere else working?

Have they accomplished anything tangible in changes like the financial system, or is this kind of like constantly burrowing away, getting closer and closer to the light, but we don’t see it until that Breakthrough?

Rob: 很好。這些人是否正如你提到的那樣在西班牙,蘇格蘭發起反抗或者在其他地方工作?他們有沒有實現到一些有形可見的轉變,比如在金融系統,或者他們是在不斷努力,越來越接近光,但我們在突破前看不到他們的努力?

Cobra: There are minor tangible results, but I would say this is a movement that is gaining momentum, that is accumulating energy, and when there is a certain amount of energy, the Breakthrough will happen and that certain amount of energy has not been reached yet, simply because the controlling forces are still a little bit too strong.

But I would say that this human population awakening movement is expressing itself in many ways, and this is one of the ways of expression. And this is definitely assisting in creating the Breakthrough.

Cobra: 有一些較小的實在成果,但我會說這是一個正在發展的運動,它正在積累能量。當有了一定的能量,突破就會發生,那些能量還沒有蓄夠,因為操縱力量仍然有點強大。但我會說這個人類覺醒運動以很多方式表現出來,這只是其中一個表達方式。這當然有助於創造突破。

Rob: Okay, and I’m not sure if this is, obviously, probably partially a light force situation, but will a movement off the petrodollar be successful? They have already announced the RMB of China as a reserve currency. At what point will this become successful? Or will the Jesuits control the RMB as they are trying to?

Rob: 好的。擺脫石油美元的運動會不會成功?有人已經宣布人民幣將成為儲備貨幣。離成功還有多遠?耶穌會會不會控制操縱人民幣?

Cobra: They are trying to, but they won’t be able to, because there are a larger percentage of light forces present in China, Russia and there are countries that are actually creating an alternative financial structure which will become fully operational at the time of the Event.

Actually, this financial structure will carry a lot of weight of transformation to a new financial system.

Cobra: 他們嘗試這麼做,但不會成功,因為在中國,在俄羅斯有更多的光明勢力存在,而有些國家正建立一個替代金融架搆,在”事件”的時候將會全面運作。實際上這個金融架搆將會在新金融系統過渡中承擔很大職責。

Rob: Okay, Cobra, I was kind of curious to continue along the line of questioning with the financial system. You mentioned that the Jesuits will not be able to control the RNB. So I wanted to find out, are there any . . . Is there any progress that we can see from the average person . . .  There are so many statements of delivery of packages, and I’m not really sure about that. Can you give us any enlightening positive news on the forefront of the financial system?

Rob: Cobra,我有點好奇想繼續談談金融系統的問題。你說耶穌會將無法控制人民幣。我想知道從一般人的角度能看到什麼進展…有很多關於資金交付的聲明,對此我真的不肯定。關於金融系統的前線你有什麼正面的消息 ?

Cobra: Okay, there is a steady and on-going progress as the Eastern Alliance is making more and more steps towards the fully functioning alternative financial infrastructure. And I have posted some links about this in my last update.

And I need to say here that there will be no results before the reset itself. There will be no delivery packages. There will be nothing visible until the reset itself happens. If any people are waiting for anything before the reset, they will be disappointed.

Cobra: 隨著東盟越來越向著全面運作的替代金融基礎設施推進,有一些穩定持續的進展。在最新的文章裡我給了一些有關的鏈接。我需要說在重置之前不會有結果,不會有資金分發,不會有可見的東西。如果有人在重置前等待什麼,他們將會失望。

Rob: Okay. That doesn’t mean that those people who are working in those programs . . . There are programs and people are working behind the scenes to try and get things done, but . . .

Rob: 有一些計劃,而人們在幕後工作試圖把事情做好..

Cobra: Yes, that is true. That is true.

Cobra: 是的,就是這樣。

Rob: Okay. It just seems like everyone has a scope and say they know what’s happening, but no one really does. Okay. Thank you.

For those of you who are listening, we had some sound issues and this interview has been tremendously delayed. I am now in Thailand and my site was hacked for 24 hours and delayed even longer so I apologize to Cora you all. Cobra has had two new posts since then.

And I think my preamble in support of Cobra speaks about the integrity that I feel for him and his intel, which I think is very important.

And I’d like to go a little bit into the electronics harassment. Cobra, how widespread is this? Is this a general electronic harassment, or are there very specific people that are being targeted? Or has just the whole electronic harassment increased generally?

Rob: 好的,謝謝。給各位聽眾說一下,我們有一些聲音問題,這次訪問被拖延了很久,從那時起Cobra又發了兩篇新的文章。我想先表達一下對Cobra和他信息的支持,這是很重要的。我想深入一點談談電子騷擾。它的范圍有多大,這是一般的電子騷擾還是針對特定人士?或者整個電子騷擾普遍增強了?

Cobra: Okay. There are many layers to this. The first one is a non-physical layer which is global – widespread. This is the plasma layer.

And then there is the physical aspect with actual physical devices which are mobile, and they are quite expensive.

And for the physical aspect of electronic harassment, it is not as widespread as the plasma one. There are certain targeted people who are experiencing this, and action is being taken right now to resolve the situation because it went quite far.

Cobra: 它有很多個層次。第一個是非物質層的,這是全球普遍的。這在等離子層面。然後有物質層面的,用到真實的可移動物理設備,這些設備非常昂貴。那些物質層面的電子騷擾不像等離子層的那麼廣大。有一些特定人士正受到騷擾,現在光明勢力正採取行動解決這個問題因為他們做得太過分。

Rob: Have you received any personal attacks on this level?

Rob: 你有沒受到這個層次的個人攻擊?

Cobra: It is not a higher purpose to answer this question.

Cobra: 我不能回答這個問題。

Rob: Okay, someone has asked me a question in regard to your post. Who is the ‘king’, or what does that position represent? Can you explain a little bit more about that?

Rob: 有人問我你文章裡面那個”王”king是誰,那個地位代表著什麼?你能否多解釋一下?

Cobra: Okay. I can also not answer that question. It is simply a person that has some say in the planetary situation.

Cobra: 我也不能回答這個問題。這只是一個對行星形勢有一些發言權的人。

Rob: Okay. Can you tell me is the guy named Peter Hans Peter Hans Kolvenbach, whatever his name is, I forgot – one of the top guys. Is he still on the planet or has he been removed?

Rob: 那個叫Peter Hans Kolvenbach的人,我忘了他的名字怎麼念,就是其中一個最高層的人。他仍然在這個行星還是被移除?

Cobra: That one has been removed.

Cobra: 那個人已經被除去。

Rob: Oh, completely! So no one would know where he is or anything of that nature.

Rob: 所以沒有人知道他在哪裡或者關於他的其他事?

Cobra: He has been removed. Yes.

Cobra: 是的。

Rob: Okay, I’d like to talk a little bit about the positive aspects of what people can be doing for . . . If you could . . . Maybe you could share a little bit about raising consciousness as far as some of your technology goes in regards to the tachyons, and maybe we could do some other questions in regard to the Cinatamni …nanu make link here http://thepromiserevealed.com/product-category/cintamani-stones/

People have asked the questions . . . Does the size matter that much with the Cntamani stones?

Rob: 好的。談談人們如何利用你的超光速粒子技術提升意識,或者我們能提幾個如意寶珠有關的問題。如意寶珠的大小要不要緊?

Cobra: Yes, of course. The larger stone and the higher quality of the stone, the more effective it is. But each Cintamani stone is a precious jewel. It’s something that can not be compared with anything else on this planet.

Cobra: 是的。更大和更高品質的石頭會更有效果。但每塊如意寶珠都是珍貴的寶石,和行星上其他東西無法比較。

Rob: Okay. Can you tell me in regards to the tachyons – these energy particles that are being reinfused through your technology, and supposedly there are others that are doing this – can you tell me how this enhances the crystals or the items that are infused and how people can use them?

Rob: 關於超光速粒子,這些能量粒子通過你的技術被重新注入。能否告訴我們它如何加強水晶或者其他被注入的物品,并且要如何用?

Cobra: Actually, tachyons are particles that are the, I would say, the first matter that was created in this universe, and, therefore, are a direct connection with the source, and it is the highest possible vibrational frequency that can be coupled with matter.

And matter infused with tachyons is having the highest possible vibrational frequency, and as such, it can help us in many ways to . . . I would put it this way, decrease the entropy of the physical and the non-physical to bring more light in the fastest and more efficient way possible right now on the surface of the planet.

Cobra: 超光速粒子是這個宇宙第一種被創造的物質,所以是與源頭的直接連接。它是能與物質結合的最大可能的振動頻率。被注入超光速粒子的物品有著最大可能的振動頻率,能以很多方式幫我們…我會這麼說,減少物質和非物質的熵,以目前地表上最快和更有效的方式帶來更多的光。

Rob: Okay. Is this like if I’m doing my meditation and I’m visualizing a light from the Central Sun and to the center of the Earth and fusing my body by intense invocation of spirit, does that also bring in tachyons to a certain extent?

Rob: 這就像我冥想的時候,我想象一束光從中央太陽發出通過我的身體直達地球中心,這能否一定程度上帶來超光速粒子?

Cobra: Not really because there is a membrane on a certain altitude above the surface of the planet which actually absorbs the vast majority of tachyons. So a simple meditation will bring a very, very little amount of tachyons to that membrane, except if you are an ascended master, of course, and then, of course, you don’t need any technology. But before that, there is a need for technological support in this dimension.

Cobra: 不完全是,因為在地表上某個高度有一層薄膜吸收了絕大部分超光速粒子。所以一個簡單的冥想幾乎不能帶來超光速粒子,除非你是一個揚升大師。當你成為揚升大師,你就不需要任何技術(支持)。但在這之前,有需要通過技術支持。

Rob: Okay. I was thinking like, let’s say we have some very advanced yogis in India. Are they able to achieve some of this? Is this so light invoked that has something different than tachyons?

Rob: 我在想,比如在印度有一些非常高級的瑜珈大師,他們有沒有能力這麼做?祈求光和超光速粒子有什麼不同?

Cobra: They’re able to invoke a certain amount of tachyons, but, again, only ascended masters have full capacity of piercing through the Veil.

Cobra: 他們能祈求到一定量的超光速粒子,但只有揚升大師才有完整的能力穿透帷幕。

Rob: Okay. For the average person, do we take these Tachyonized http://thepromiserevealed.com/tachyon-products-2014/ items and hold them on our person like Cintamani? Is that a good idea?

Rob: 對一個普通人來說,我們要不要像拿著如意寶珠那樣拿著這些超光速粒子化的物品?這是好主意嗎?

Cobra: Yes, of course.

Cobra: 是的,當然。

Rob: Okay. And if one is to create like a Chamber One house as Fred Bell and I and many people have a lot of crystals in this house . . . Can you talk about how crystals can increase the vibration and do these provide any protection against electronic harassment?

Rob: 如果有人像Fred Bell那樣建造了一間放了許多水晶的房子,這些晶體如何提升振動,能否保護不受電子騷擾?

Cobra: Crystals are the highest possible evolved form of matter, and as such, they are anchoring light in the physical. They can protect against electronic harassment on a plasma plane to a greater degree and to a small degree also against the electronic harassment on the physical plane. But this itself is not enough.

Cobra: 水晶是物質最大可能的進化形態,同樣地它們把光錨定在物質層面。它們很大程度上能抵禦等離子層的電子騷擾,在一個小程度上抵抗物質層面的電子騷擾。但這並不足夠。

Rob: Okay. Can you talk a little bit about the scalar wave devices? There’s lots of people out with computers who have . . . claiming that they’re just scaler wave device associated with a computer and program.

I have seen the films of Rife technology  that had a vibrational frequency that you could actually see the  actual destruction of the harmful bacteria.

I’m kind of curious. Are a lot of these new systems . . . Are they actually working? Are people having effects with these? I’m not naming any of them. I know that there’s lots of them. I’m just kind of curious.

They talk about a program in a computer, and I’m kind of curious what your opinion is of that type of technology in general.

Rob: 談談標量波裝置。很多人說標量波裝置和電腦以及電腦程序有關。人們談論一台電腦和一個程序,我很好奇你對這種技術有什麼看法。

Cobra: The program in the computer is not enough, but if that program generates sound or any other type of electromagnetic, or any type of electromagnetic radiation of certain key frequencies, that can assist to a certain degree. But, again, this is not enough.

Cobra: 電腦裡的程序並不足夠,但如果那個程序能產生聲音或者其他類型的,某些關鍵頻率的電磁輻射,這在一定程度上有所幫助。但再一次,這並不足夠。

Rob: Okay. Yes, I’ve always  been honored to work with Dr. Bell and his technologies that he received from the Pleiadians, which is also a Venusian healing technology, utilized sound, light and color.

Do you know of any programs or anybody now who’s associated specific frequencies of the chakras to specific color frequencies and sound frequencies that are combined in one system?

Rob: 是的。Dr. Bell從昴宿星人獲得的其中一項技術是用到聲音,光和顏色,這也是一種金星的治療技術。你知不知道有哪些程序或者有人能把特定的脈輪頻率與特定的顏色頻率,聲音頻率聯結起來組合為一個系統?

Cobra: Actually, I know people who are developing advanced laser systems. At this point they are not combining that with sound, but they are combining that with light, with photonic, non-laser light. So this is something that is very promising, and that technology can . . . I would say this is one of the technologies with the most effect against any type of electronic harassment.

Cobra: 我認識有人在開發先進的激光系統。現在他們沒有結合到聲音,但他們結合到光,光激性的非激光。這是很有前途的技術,是其中一種最為有效抵抗電子騷擾的技術。

Rob: Yeah, I was feeling that too. I wanted to talk a little bit if you could share what’s going on with your knowledge behind the scenes of the PizzaGate and the PedoGate and all of that type of stuff. It’s just so mind-boggling and brings so much concern and compassion to so many people to think of innocent children being used in this way.

Can you share . . . Are some of these major systems being brought down or is this still going on at the highest levels?

Rob: 關於比薩門和戀童這類事件的幕後,你知道些什麼。這真是難以置信,很多人關心和同情那些被侵犯的無辜孩子。其中一些主要系統有沒有被推翻,或者這種事仍然在最高層進行著?

Cobra: Okay, this network is huge. It is much more widespread than most people realize. It involves, I would say, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, especially in the United States.

And I would say this will be the hardest aspect to face when the Event happens and when all of this is exposed. So whatever exposure we have right now, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There is also a lot of disinformation about this, and I cannot confirm the PizzaGate by itself. There are other attempts of exposure of this which are much more reliable in my opinion.

But, again, this is far from all of it. There is much more which will be exposed and it will be quite shocking for most people.

Cobra: 這個網絡是巨大的,比大多數人意識到的更為普遍。它牽涉到全世界無數人,尤其在美國。我會說當”事件”發生的時候,當一切被揭露時,這方面是最難面對的。所以無論現在揭露的是什麼,這都只是冰山一角。關於這件事也有很多虛假信息,我也無法確認比薩門。有其他揭露戀童的嘗試我認為是更可靠的。但再強調,這只是很小的一方面。有更多將會被曝光,對大多數來說是非常令人震驚的。

Rob: At the time of the Event, will the lower level pedophiles be exposed and arrested, or will counselling be given? How will that work out?

Rob: 在”事件”發生的時候,那些低層的戀童者會不會被揭露和逮捕,或者會接受輔導?這項工作怎麼展開?

Cobra: Okay, there are many aspects of this. There are certain people who are forced into this. And they will need a lot of healing, and they will be facing their own feelings of guilt regarding that situation. And there are people who went into this on their own free will, and they will need to go through a certain, I would say, truth and reconciliation committee that will decide their destiny.

Some of them will be removed from the planet. Some of them will go to the Central Sun. And some of them will attempt to balance their past actions with a positive one. They will try to counteract and heal the situation.

So there will be a lot of processing going on that will be quite difficult for many people. It will take some time.

And this is, I would say, the hardest aspect of exposure – I would not call it disclosure; I would call it exposure – that will happen at the time of the Event.

It will be something that needs to happen for humanity to heal, We cannot heal humanity completely before this is exposed and addressed and healed.

Cobra: 有很多個方面。有一些人被迫這麼做。他們需要接受很多治療,面對自己的罪惡感。有一些人用自己的自由意志這麼做,他們會通過一個真相與和解委員會來決定他們的命運。他們一些人將從行星上移除,一些人將會去中央太陽,一些人將嘗試用一個正面的行動平衡他們過去的行為。他們需要嘗試中和以及治愈這個困境。所以將會有很多種過程,對很多人來說是艱難的。這需要花一些時間。我會說這個問題是最難以面對的,我不會稱為揭露disclosure,我會說這是揭發exposure,這將會在”事件”時發生。對於療愈人類來說,這是需要做的。在這些問題得到揭發,處理和治療之前我們不能完全治好人類。

Rob: Thank you. Since we last talked, Russia did a major flyover near Alaska, got very close, and it looks like they utilized some technology, and I think you actually put a link to it. It said it was involved with the Keshe technology. Is this correct?

Rob: 謝謝。自從我們上次談話,俄羅斯在阿拉斯加附近做了一件大事,似乎他們用到一些科技,你也給了一個鏈接。那裡說牽涉到凱史科技。

Cobra: It was not Keshe technology. I did say that not all of that link is correct, but I would say that they have advanced electromagnetic technology which disturbs electronic communications in the aircraft stationed in Alaska. And it did some other thing that I will not speak about.

I can only say that the Pleiadians used that situation to take some action on the physical plane in that region because NORAD was down and they couldn’t detect the Pleiadian ships entering the atmosphere. So there were interesting things going on at that time.


Rob: Okay, that’s great. So we have a joint positive Earth military and Pleiadian action coinciding. Is that correct?

Rob: 很好。所以這是地球正義軍和昴宿星人的聯合行動,是嗎。

Cobra: Yes, exactly.

Cobra: 是的。

Rob: Will you release intel on that when the time is right?

Rob: 在適當的時候你會不會公開這個信息?

Cobra: Maybe. Maybe. I don’t know if I will be authorized to release more about this. It’s quite a sensitive topic right now.

Cobra: 也許會。我不知道我能否得到授權公開更多這個信息。現在這是一個非常敏感的話題。

Rob: Okay. What about the American EMP? I received pictures many years ago that you confirmed were from part of the deep space program, and that gentleman who was working . . . had a company that actually built some of the more advanced space ships told me that – and showed me a picture – that the government definitely has an EMP weapon that’s like a little . . . It’s shaped like a cigar, not a huge ship, but it’s a cigar-type item that could be used.

Can you talk about the United States government or the Secret Space Program government on the Earth that has the EMP and how effective is it and does it compare to the Russians’?

Rob: 美國的電磁脈衝技術如何?很多年前我獲得一些照片,你確認這是來自秘密太空計劃的一部分,那位先生有一間公司制造更先進的太空船,他把這些照片給我看,告訴我政府肯定有電磁脈衝武器,它的形狀像一根雪茄而不是一艘大船,是一根可以拿來用的雪茄形狀的物體。談談美國政府或者地球上秘密太空計劃所擁有的電磁脈衝,它的效果如何,能否比得上俄羅斯的?

Cobra: Okay, I would say that many different factions on the surface of the planet have EMP technology. It’s not such a difficult thing to build. Not only the U.S. government, the U.S. military, governments of certain nations around the planet, it’s something that’s quite much more widespread than most people think.

Cobra: 地表上很多不同的集團有電磁脈衝技術,這不是很難造出來的東西。不只美國政府,美軍,一些國家的政府也有。這是比多數人所認為的更普遍的技術。

Rob: How effective is it? Is it similar to what the Russians did or more powerful or what?

Rob: 它的效果如何。和俄羅斯所用的類似還是更強大?

Cobra: It is effective enough to disrupt electrical grid systems around the planet. Basically it is effective enough to take the Western civilization on its knees if it’s used.

Cobra: 效果足以中斷行星的輸電網絡。基本上如果使用的話足夠讓西方文明跪下。

Rob: Okay, would it be possible to . . .

Rob: 這有沒有可能發生…

Cobra: Again, the Pleiadians and the light forces are monitoring this technology and they will not allow misuse of that technology.

Cobra: 昴宿星人和光明勢力在監控這個技術,不會讓這個技術被濫用。

Rob: Okay. So it couldn’t be used like the Russians used it. They couldn’t go to Russia and disable their equivalent of the NORAD defense system then?

Rob: 所以他們不能像俄羅斯那樣使用它。他們不能去俄羅斯中斷他們的相當於北美防空司令部的防衛系統?

Cobra: It could if there would be a purpose – if the Pleiadians would allow it. And they have allowed the Russians to use this technology a few times when it was critical for the planetary situation. They have authorized the use of this.

There was a meeting between the Pleiadians and some of the top brass of the Russian military, and the Pleiadians have authorized the use of those devices simply because the electronic harassment went to the level that they said, “Something needs to be done about it.”

And they have clearly displayed that technology to certain negative factions within the U.S. military that if this electronic harassment continues on that level, action will be taken. And after that, this electronic harassment has decreased to a certain degree.

Cobra: 如果他們有所目的,這是可以發生的,如果昴宿星人允許的話。當行星形勢到了關鍵時刻,他們允許了俄羅斯使用這個技術幾次。他們批準這個技術的使用。在昴宿星人和俄軍一些高層之間有一個會議,他們授權使用那些裝置,因為電子騷擾嚴重到一定程度,他們說”需要對此做一些事情”他們向美軍的負面派系展示了這個技術,表明如果電子騷擾在這個程度上繼續下去,就會採取行動。在那之後這種電子騷擾減少了一些。

Rob: Okay.

Rob: 好的。

Cobra: Not completely, but, yes, to a certain degree.

Cobra: 不是完全消失,但減少了一定程度。

Rob: Okay, thank you. I’m kind of curious . . . You know from my understanding, and since Nagasaki, very, very few nuclear bombs have been allowed to be used on the surface of the planet, and you’ve talked about them getting away with a little bit, but I’m kind of curious . . . Do you feel that . . . there . . . and I guess I should also say that there have been many attempts, according to my sources, to initiate nuclear attacks in the past, . . .

Rob: 你知道自從長崎之後,很少有核彈允許在地表上使用,但根據我的信息來源,他們過去多次嘗試發起核攻擊。

Cobra: Oh, yes. Oh, yes.

Cobra: 是的。

Rob: And they have been consistently denied by the extraterrestrials. So why does the Earth-based military continue to threaten this? They know that none of this will ever be allowed, or do they actually believe that, you know, Kim Jong-Il [Kim Jong-Un] or anyone would be able to affect a nuclear strike anywhere, including the U.S.?


Cobra: You need to understand that the existence of the real proof of extraterrestrial races is highly classified information, and you need to be in the right position – very high up in the military – to get to the actual proof.

I would say the most high ranking generals in the U.S. Army do not have access to that kind of proof. So they can speculate, but speculation is not good enough when it concerns military doctrines. So they have to continue developing those nuclear weapons from their perspective because they simply cannot affirm or deny the existence of Pleiadians, for example.

Cobra: 你需要明白外星種族存在的真正證據是高度機密的信息,需要在一個適當的位置-在軍隊裡非常高級-才能接觸到真實證據。我會說美軍內部大部分高級將領沒有權接觸這類證據。所以他們可以推測,但當涉及到軍事學說,推測就顯得不夠好。所以從他們的角度,他們不得不繼續開發核武,因為他們無法確認或者否認昴宿星人的存在。

Rob: Okay. I’m kind of curious in regards to the North Korean situation. It seems as though the Deep State in Israel, the United Kingdom, USA and others are intimately involved in the evil acts as empires that we talk about with North Korea – and North Korea, of course, being one of the worst human rights violation and the worst mind-controlled country on the planet. Can you talk a little bit about the situation there?

Does Ben Fulford’s intelligence in regards to what may take place have any validity from your sources?

Rob: 關於北韓的情況我很想知道。就像以色列,英國,美國和其他私下牽涉到惡行的國家,我們談論的這個帝國北韓,當然是這個行星上其中一個人權最差,思想控制最嚴重的國家。你能否談談那裡的情況?本傑明的關於可能發生的事情的信息,從你的信息來源是不是真的?

Cobra: The human rights situation in North Korea is the worst imaginable nightmare that exists on this planet. It is worse than Russia in the 1950s. It is worse than Russia in the 1920s. It can be compared to Nazi Germany in the 1940s. It is that bad.

So the real forces behind this are the Jesuits, and, of course, it’s a network which ties the North Korean government with certain forces in the West.

And regarding Fulford’s intel, you need to be a little more specific. What exactly would you like me to comment on?

Cobra: 北韓的人權狀況是這個行星上最可怕的。比1950年代,1920年代的俄羅斯更差。可以和1940年代的納粹德國相比。這背後真正的勢力是耶穌會,這是一個通過西方某些勢力和北韓政府有聯繫的網絡。關於本杰明的信息你需要問得詳細一點,你想我評論什麼?

Rob: He mentioned that the leader would be moved to Russia and that they would put in, I don’t know, someone who’s suppose to be his cousin or something, in position of power.

Rob: 他提到(北韓)領導人會逃到俄羅斯,他們會讓他的堂兄弟之類的人接替權力位置。

Cobra: That plan, from my perspective, and from the perspective of the Resistance, will not work simply because it’s not just one person. It’s a very tight clan which needs to be dealt with.

And also there is a whole network, as I said before, to the Jesuits and to certain forces in the West. And until this is resolved, we are not expecting much change in North Korea.

So what needs to be done is to increase awareness of the human rights situation in that country, and that alone will begin to transmute the situation.

Of course, when the Event happens, all this will change.

Cobra: 那個計劃,從我的角度和抵抗運動的角度都不會有效,因為這不只是關於一個人。那是一個需要被處理的非常緊密的集團。正如我之前說過,有一整個網絡和耶穌會以及一些西方勢力有關。直到這一切解決之前,我不期待北韓有太多轉變。所以需要做的是增加人們對那個國家人權狀況的認知,這將使那個狀況得到轉變。當然到了”事件”發生時,所有這些都會改變。

Rob: The North Korean politics and the leader’s inner circle certainly seems like they all must be mind-controlled like . . . and have handlers of a very strong nature. Is that correct?

Rob: 北韓的政治和領導核心集團似乎全都被思想控制,肯定有非常強大的管理者,是嗎。

Cobra: Yes, of course.

Cobra: 是的。

Rob: I wasn’t sure . . . I mean a lot of these people in the West go along willingly with some sort of mind control, but it just seems like the tremendous amount of control that they have over there is really what they want for the whole planet, isn’t it?

Rob: 我不肯定…我意思是在西方很多人欣然贊成某些思想控制,但看起來他們在那邊實行的大量控制是想讓整個行星來效仿,是嗎?

Cobra: Actually, North Korea is an experimental laboratory for certain factions of the Cabal.

Cobra: 實際上北韓是某些陰謀集團派系的實驗室。

Rob: Are their missile launches anything more than saber rattling? Do they have missile capabilities to go farther?I mean they keep doing these tests, you know, to promote fear, but can you confirm any of their information as being . . . or any of their launches being of significance or a real threat?

Rob: 他們的導彈發射是武力威脅還是另有所圖?他們的導彈有沒有能力打到更遠?我意思是他們一直在試射,散播恐懼,但你能否確認他們的試射有沒有重大意義或者是真正的威脅?

Cobra: I would simply say that there are forces stronger than they are, and those forces are making sure that those launches are not being successful.

Cobra: 我只能說有比他們更強大的勢力,那些勢力確保發射不會成功。

Rob: Can you give us an update on the China situation? I know it’s a huge country and the politics is deep, but are there any inroads being made by the Pleiadians or other positive Light forces within that country that we can share?

Rob: 關於中國的情況你有什麼最新消息?我知道這是一個大國,政治很深。昴宿星人或者其他光明勢力有沒有滲透影響那個國家?

Cobra: Not openly. There is contact being made but not on the level that is being made in Russia right now. So I would say that there are forces within China – more secret groups in China – that have a certain form of contact with positive extraterrestrial presence, but it’s not being done on a government level yet.

So Russia is at this moment the only country that has a certain form of direct contact.

Cobra: 不是公開的。有一些接觸但不是俄羅斯現在的那種層面。所以我會說在中國內部有一些勢力-在中國的更為秘密的團體-與正面外星人有某種形式的接觸,但這還不是政府層面上的。俄羅斯是目前唯一有直接接觸的國家。

Rob: So the United States military . . . this is done on a . . . there’s obviously military forces that are aware of and have been contacted by benevolent extraterrestrials, but they’re not . . .

Rob: 美軍很明顯知道并且已經與善良外星人有接觸,但他們…

Cobra: Yes, but the situation now is a little bit different. The United States is very complex because you have, I would say, a very strong positive faction in the military and also a very strong negative faction.

And there is so much tension that all contact needs to be done very carefully, and it is done very carefully at this point.

Cobra: 是的,但現在的情況有點不同。美國的情況非常複雜,因為軍中有非常強大的正義軍同時也有非常強大的負面派系。現在很緊張,此時所有接觸需要非常小心地進行。

Rob: So there’s not really, well, like an open plan. They must all become compartmentalized.

Rob: 所以沒有一個公開的計劃,這些工作必須區分進行。

Cobra: Yes. You see in Russia you have a few top generals which can go to a secret base, and the Pleiadian ship lands there, and they can talk quite freely. In the United States, nothing like that is possible at this point.

Cobra: 是的。在俄羅斯,一些高級將軍可以去到一個秘密基地,那裡停泊著昴宿星飛船,他們可以非常自由地交談。但在美國這種事情現在是不可能的。

Rob: Okay. I was wondering, towards the end here, one of the final questions, if you can update me on the operation beneath New York City – a joint Sirian-Pleiadian base that houses Michael, the leader of the Resistance from your previous posts, if we gather correctly?

Rob: 好的。最後幾個問題。能否談談紐約地下行動的最新情況-你以前文章提到的那個給抵抗運動領導人邁克爾藏身的天狼昴宿聯合基地,我說得對不對?

Cobra: That was in the 1970s. That base is now . . . The situation there is a little bit different.

Cobra: 那是1970年代的事情。那基地那裡的情

Rob: Okay. Can you talk a little about the leader Michael? He’s still deep underground probably, protected?

Rob: 談談邁克爾,他仍然在地下受到保護?

Cobra: Yes. Yes. He’s still leading the Resistance. Yes. Yes. He’s still there. Very active. Very active right now.

Cobra: 是的,他仍然領導抵抗運動。他還在那裡,現在非常活躍。

Rob: Okay. Well that’s really good news to hear all that. It seems like so many lightworkers would like to be involved in this. Do you think there’s any hope that people who are capable could possibly be of help other than sharing the news and meditating and doing blogs and all that stuff?

Is there any possibility for hands on?

Rob: 好的,這是好消息。似乎很多光之工作者想加入。你覺得那些有能力的人有沒有可能提供幫助,除了分享消息,冥想和寫博客之類?有沒有可能親身加入(抵抗運動)?

Cobra: There are two factors here. The first one is security and safety. The Resistance cannot . . . could not cover safety and security for anybody involved in this . . . in this . . . in more direct operations.

It will be simply too difficult, except for very rare cases. But, again, the Resistance itself can do those things much more effectively themselves because they went through training.

And surface population, I need to tell you as it is, the vast majority of people that are working for the Light are not trained and skilled for something on that level. They are not well educated enough. They are not, I would say, stable enough in a way that they cannot be provoked by doing something negative. They are not . . . Simply they are not . . . I would say most people are not ready for this.

Cobra: 有兩個因素。第一個是安全因素。抵抗運動不能以更直接的行動保證任何參與者的安全。這真的太困難,除了非常罕有的情況以外。但抵抗運動自己能更有效完成這些工作,因為他們受過訓練。我需要這麼告訴你們,絕大部分為光工作的地表人類沒有在那個層面上為完成一些工作而受過訓練。他們沒有受足夠培訓,不夠穩定地不受挑釁去做一些負面的事情。我會說大部分人沒有為此做好準備。

Rob: Yeah, I would agree with you there on a certain level, but it seems at some point people are willing to give their lives in regular wars. So many people are . . .

Rob: 是的,我某程度上同意。但似乎有些情況下人們在常規戰爭中不顧生死。所以很多人…

Cobra: That would not solve the situation. That would not help. If you would have, I would say, a highly-skilled individual from the Resistance that can do something safely without anybody being harmed in a very short period of time compared to a small group of people on the surface that could get hurt and would do this much less effectively with more risk. It is simply something that will not happen.

The Resistance will not . . . They want to increase their efficiency not decrease it. They want to have as little harm as possible and as much positive effect as possible.

You see the planetary liberation is not a romantic, hero movie. It’s a real situation, and sometimes people like to join this from the wrong reason. They would like to have some action in their lives. They would like to make their life a little bit more interesting, but it’s a real war. It’s not a game.

Cobra: 這無法解決問題,不會有所幫助。一個技藝嫻熟的抵抗運動成員,他能夠在一段短時間內在任何人不受傷害的情況下安全地完成一件工作,而不像地表一小部分人那樣可能(自己)受傷并且冒上更大的風險而更低效地完成工作。這不會發生在抵抗運動人員身上。



Rob: Absolutely, and this corresponds to the information given by the people from Terrakor http://www.berkshire.net/~brenaud/index.htm, see the latest intel from Bob here http://www.berkshire.net/~brenaud/HTML/QCorr20081018.htm back in the ’80s, who said, “Look, it’s just useless. You’d be destroyed. You wouldn’t have a chance  a snowballs chance in hell.”

And yet, you know, we do have a real situation on Earth, and I’m sure there are many people who are motivated by sincere actions, not for just a little activity in their life, but . . .

Rob: 是的。這是在地球上的真實的情形,我肯定有很多人被真誠的行動激勵,而不只是為了在生命中做一點點事,但….

Cobra: Okay. For those, I would give them advice to train themselves in ways of educating themselves, working on their personalities to be able to be reliable so that the Light forces can count on them, that they will not be provoked.

For example, if there is a little bit of negative influence, they would not start attacking each other.

And one of the main lessons for the surface population, for those who would like to be involved, is to be able to cooperate with each other, without attacking each other, without fighting with each other. And that is the main task.

And people who pass that test can expect being involved in something more serious in the future – maybe even before the Event.

Cobra: 對於那些人,我會建議他們多點學習,讓自己的性格更加可靠,讓光明勢力能指望他們不會輕易受挑釁。比如遇到一點負面影響,他們不會互相攻擊。對於地表上想加入的人們,其中一個主要課程是能互相合作,不要互相攻擊,互相打架。這是主要任務。那些通過測試的人期望在未來能參與更重大的事情-可能甚至在”事件”之前。

Rob: That’s really good news. So there you have it, folks. Develop your levels of discernment, your protection and the ability to control your thoughts in face of all the attacks.

Cobra, I did some . . . You read my pre-interview transcript and it seems that it was well-timed as you were attacked by this Well-Aware One. And, you know, it’s ridiculous. Anyone who knows you or has met you can tell that that’s absolute disinformation.

On this particular person, is this a individual that’s just disturbed and triggered? Or is this a concerted in-the-know disinformation smear against you, would you think?

Rob: 這是很好的消息。大家應該明白了。開發自己的洞察力,保護和面對攻擊控制自己想法的水平。Cobra你看過我之前訪問的文字記錄,似乎這是一個合適的時候,因為你被那個知情人攻擊。這很可笑,任何認識你或者見過你的人都能分辨那絕對是虛假信息。關於這個特別的人,他是否心理不正常并且被挑動?或者是一次商量好的針對你的虛假信息誹謗?你怎麼看。

Cobra: That particular individual was triggered by the plasma archons. They just “suggested”, quote in quotes, to him that he needs to write something about it simply because what I wrote did not go well with his belief systems. And some people have invested a lot of energy in their own belief systems, and if those belief systems are challenged, some people have a tendency to attack those who challenge their belief systems.

And also some people have invested a lot of money in the dinar scam, and if somebody tells them that they will maybe not get their investment back, or they will not get what they invested in, they might get triggered also. So that was the reason why it happened.

And, of course, the deeper reason is according to the fact . . . because I released important intel, and certain forces on the plasma plane – archons on the plasma plane – wanted to stop this intel from being spread.

And it was part of the coordinated action, and, as you probably know, Corey Goode was attacked a few days later. It’s part of the same campaign.

Cobra: 那個人被等離子執政官挑起。他們只是”暗示”他需要寫點什麼,原因是我寫的東西與他的信仰體系不相配。一些人把很多能量投入到他們自己的信仰系統,如果那些信仰體系受到挑戰,他們就有傾向攻擊挑戰他們信仰系統的人。一些人也把很多錢投入到第納爾騙局裡,如果有人告訴他們可能拿不回投資,或者拿不到所投資的東西,他們也可能會受到挑動。這就是為什麼這些攻擊會出現。當然,更深層的原因是因為我公開了重要信息,一些等離子層的勢力-執政官想阻止這個信息的傳播。這是協調行動的一部分,正如你可能知道,Corey Goode在幾天後也受到攻擊,這是同火一個行動的一部分。

Rob: Yes, can you talk about that person? Were they directly contacted on the physical plane by the archons, or was all this plasma field?

Rob: 能否談談那個人?他是直接在物質層面接觸到執政官還是在等離子層?

Cobra: No. No. It was just a suggestion from the plasma plane. It was like a . . . I have many examples of places in my files, people who were receiving from their spiritual guides that they need to attack me – things of that nature.

Cobra: 不,這只是一個來自等離子層的示意。我記錄了很多例子,比如人們從他們的靈性指導收到他們需要攻擊我的指示,這一類的事情。

Rob: Yes, okay, thank you very much for that information. And I appreciate your coming on and finishing up this interview. It’s an honor and a pleasure to have you on here. And we’re going to try and get this out as soon as possible. So thank you very much for coming on the air today, Cobra.

Rob: 好的,非常感謝你的信息。謝謝你回來完成這個訪問,這是榮幸和愉快的。我們嘗試盡快發布。很感謝Cobra今天來到節目上。

Cobra: Okay, thank you for this interview. I hope we can release this as soon as possible.

Cobra: 謝謝你的採訪。希望我們能盡快發布它。

Rob: Yes, we will. We’re going to get this to our transcriber, Sam, and Chris is going to get right on the modulation of this. So thank you all for listening, and Victory to the Light.

Rob: 是的。我們會把它交給我們的抄錄員Sam,Chris會把音頻調整好。謝謝你們的收聽,光的勝利!

Cobra: Victory of the Light. Thank you.

Cobra: 光的勝利,謝謝。