【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年7月21日訊息【回歸光明】Return to Light

There is significant progress and if all goes according to the plan, I will be able to release new update about the status of Yaldabaoth entity / Black Stone situation in about a week.

有重大進展,如果一切按計劃進行,我將能夠在大約一星期內公佈有關姚達伯斯實體/ 黑石情況的最新信息。

An important communication channel between the Resistance and the surface population has been opened:



The Resistance has read all those letters and they are now realizing that the amount of suffering of the surface population is even greater than they imagined.
For this reason, they have prepared a few instructions that can make the pre-Event time easier for the awakened part of the surface population.

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【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年7月Essayenya Mosteenya 採訪 COBRA / Essayenya Mosteenya INTERVIEW

EM: We were told that for the Earth to be liberated, the critical mass needs to be reached; however, in the recent conference, you say from now on, we no longer need so many as long as there is ONE single person who is fully connected with their I AM presence. What has happened for the Light Forces to have this message delivered to us?

EM: 我們知道地球要解放需要有關鍵臨界人數。但最近的會議上你說現在我們不再需要那麼多人,只要有一個人能夠完全與他的I AM”我是”臨在連接。為什麼光明勢力把這個信息告訴我們?

C: Okay. These are two aspects of the same situation. One thing is the global critical mass which assists a lot in the planetary liberation and the other thing which is also true is that with just one person with a perfect connection to their I AM presence and with a complete understanding of the situation can liberate the planet so usually it’s a combination of both factors that can assist in transformation.

C: 這是同一個情況的兩面。一方面全球的臨界人數能幫到行星解放很多,另一方面若一個人與我是臨在完美連接,對整個局面有完整理解,他確實能解放這個行星。所以通常這是兩個因素的結合,都能幫助到這次轉變。

EM: Where should people start if they want to reach this fullest state of connection to their I AM presence? By being honest with their souls?

EM: 如果人們想與自己的我是臨在有完全的連接,應該從哪裡開始?對自己的靈魂保持誠實?

C: This is a good start, yes.

C: 這是一個好的開始,是的。

EM: In Godfre’s “Unveiled Mysteries”, it said people used to know their origins, the used to know their Source, and they were carefully guided and protected by their I AM presence. Would you say that when this FULL connection with the I AM presence takes place, people will, at least, know they are no longer alone, though they might still have some doubts about how protected they are and whether the Light Forces are always around? Can this kind of knowing, in spite of some doubts, count as a form of full connection?

EM: Godfre所寫的”Unveiled Mysteries”這本書提到,人們曾經知道自己的起源,知道自己的源頭。他們我是臨在很小心地指導和保護。你會不會說當與我是臨在的完整連接發生時,雖然仍然可能對如何被保護,光明勢力是否在我們周圍抱有一些疑惑,但人們至少會知道他們不再孤獨?這種覺知,儘管帶有一些疑問,但仍然算是一種完整連接的形式?

C: Gradually as your connection with your I AM presence improves there will be no longer any sense of loneliness and the protection will increase as your connection with your I AM presence increases. This is why it is very good to connect with your I AM presence with a pillar of light – as I have posted a link to that some time ago on my blog. There was a very nice article about a pillar of light…column of light…connecting with your I AM presence and that connection is one of the strongest forms of protection against any negativity that people [inaudible] can do on this planet.

C: 當你逐漸加強你的我是臨在連接,就不再會有孤獨感,並且保護將隨著你與我是臨在的連接而增加。這就是通過一條光柱連接我是臨在是非常好的原因,正如我曾在博客上貼過一條鏈接。關於這個連接我是臨在的光柱有一篇非常好文章,這是行星上人們可以實現的讓自己不受負面攻擊的最強大的保護方式。 Continue reading 【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年7月Essayenya Mosteenya 採訪 COBRA / Essayenya Mosteenya INTERVIEW


Lynn – Hi Cobra. Welcome to our June update. We’re happy to have you today.

Lynn – Hi Cobra,歡迎來到6月採訪,很高興你到來。

COBRA – Thank you for invitation. It’s always a pleasure to do those interviews.

COBRA – 謝謝邀請,很高興做這些訪問。

Lynn – This is Lynn and I have my partner Aaron and we’re going to share questions as usual. Today I thought I’d start out by talking about the Grenfell Tower fire in June 14th a couple weeks ago in London, United Kingdom. We express our sincere condolences to all those that suffered a loss in this fire. Cladding is used to provide a degree of thermal insulation and weather resistance to improve the appearance of buildings. … Cladding can become a fire risk by design or material. Was this the case with the Grenfell fire, Cobra?

Lynn – 我是Lynn,還有我的搭擋Aaron。像平時一樣我們會分別提問。今天我想從幾個星期前6月14日倫敦格倫費爾大廈大火開始。我們對這次火災的所有災民致以誠摯哀悼。鍍料層提供了一定程度的隔熱和耐風化性,改善了大樓的外觀…鍍料層因為其設計和材料而成為火災隱患。這是格倫費爾大火的原因?

COBRA – This was one of the, I would say, outer cases. I would say the whole infrastructure in that building was outdated and not maintained properly. This was simply because the owner of the building chose not to invest enough in maintaining the building properly.

COBRA – 我會說那是其中一層外殼。那棟建築的整個基礎設施已經過時,沒有得到恰當的維護。原因很簡單,因為業主選擇不投入足夠的資金去適當保養。

Lynn – So you don’t think this was a UK 9-11 event or a false flag?

Lynn – 所以你不認為這是英國的911事件或者偽旗行動?

COBRA – It was not a false flag event. It is simply there are many buildings, everywhere on the planet, that are a fire risk and sooner or later something like this can happen anywhere because the minimum safety standards are not observed. (I see) And actually the light forces have prevented many such cases throughout the planet in the last few years that did not happen.

COBRA – 不是。行星上到處都有著火災風險的建築,這種事可以在任何地方遲早發生,因為沒有人注意到最低的安全標準。實際上光明勢力過去幾年阻止過很多這類事情。

Lynn – Wow, I know that there’s been much upheaval there over the situation with the government and relocating these people as far as 200 miles away from their current residence and this is a great hardship. Just a really bad situation for these people.

Lynn – 我知道英國政府遇到很多麻煩,在目前居住地200英里外重新安置這些人是一大難題。這些災民真的陷入了困境。

Aaron – Hi Cobra, this is Aaron, Lynn’s interview partner. We’ll start off with the 2nd question. It has been said that Justin Trudeau is the illegitimate son of Fidel Castro and that is why there is an ongoing trade between Canada and Cuba. Is this true Cobra?

Aaron – Hi Cobra,我是Aaron,Lynn的搭檔。我們從第2個問題開始。有人說杜魯多是卡斯特羅的私生子,這就是加拿大和古巴有持續貿易的原因,是嗎?

COBRA – I cannot confirm that information. (OK)

COBRA – 我無法確認這個信息。

Lynn – It has been reported that the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise is related to his speaking out on the subject of human trafficking and child predators. Do you have any additional information on this Cobra?

Lynn – 有報導稱國會議員史蒂夫・斯卡利斯被槍擊與他提出人口販賣和兒童賣淫的話題有關。你有沒有進一步的信息?

COBRA – I would say that many people who are trying to cover this are being silenced one way or the other and this is one such case. But, no matter what the Cabal does, they cannot keep this under cover. There will be simply too many people because . . . exposing this because the awareness about this situation is rising dramatically in the last few months and it’s part of the operation of the light forces to bring this now into public awareness as soon as possible because people need to be aware of this and then actions will be much more easily taken against this. (I agree)

COBRA – 我會說有很多嘗試報導這些事情的人都會被滅聲,這是其中一個例子。但不管陰謀集團做什麼,他們都無法掩蓋這些。有太多人在揭露,因為過去幾個月人們對這件事的認識一直在顯著地提高,這是光明行動的一部分,現在盡快把它帶進公眾的認知裡,因為人們需要知道這些然後對應的行動將會更容易進行。

Lynn – Congressman Steve Scalise and others were shot by a supposed lone gunman at the annual congressional baseball game two weeks ago. Was this lone gunman, James Hodgkinson, part of the deep state Psyop, or was he just a brainwashed liberal who feels that the GOP is pure evil. Could you please comment on this Cobra?

Lynn – 在國會年度棒球賽兩週前史蒂夫・斯卡利斯和其他人被一個可能是單獨行事的槍手襲擊。這是單獨槍手詹姆斯・霍奇金森是陰謀集團的人還是一個被洗腦的自由主義者,認為共和黨就是惡魔?

COBRA – He was one of the people who were subjected to trauma based mind programming and he was just activated. His assassination program got activated. The cabal has many such people in critical positions within the United States also worldwide. (thank you)

COBRA – 他是其中一個在精神創傷基礎上被思想編程的人,他只是被激活了,他的暗殺計劃被激活。陰謀集團在美國國內關鍵位置上有很多這類人,在全世界也是。

Aaron – Dennis Rodman, the former U.S. basketball player, who visits the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, says that he is just a normal guy and doesn’t want to bomb anyone, including the U.S. We know that North Korea is a very repressed regime and it is very controlled by others of a higher power. So is Kim Jong-un just following orders and putting on a happy face to visitors like Dennis Rodman, or is he really the heart of evil that we are all meant to believe?

Aaron – 前美國籃球員丹尼斯·羅德曼拜訪北韓領導金正恩,他說他只是一個普通人,沒想過炸任何人,包括美國。我們知道北韓是一個非常高壓的政權,被其他更高權力的人控制著。所以金正恩只是聽從命令向丹尼斯·羅德曼這些訪問者擺出友善的臉孔還是他真的是核心人物? Continue reading 【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年6月PFC 採訪 COBRA / PREPARE FOR CHANGE: JUNE INTERVIEW

【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年7月5日訊息【行星形勢更新】 Planetary Situation Update

The main focus of the Light forces is now the clearing of the plasma „head“ of the Yaldabaoth entity, toplet bombs, black stone and primary anomaly associated with all these.This is a very sensitive operation and I hope it is understandable I can not provide much intel about it until it is completed.
Towards the completion of this operation there will be sudden and unexpected breakthroughs that will cascade into the Event.
The Chimera group is worried more and more about the „invasion of Galactic Confederation fleet“ and they are beefing up their defense positions in Low Earth orbit. They are behind the creation of the sixth branch of US military:
This backdoor deal took many congressmen by surprise:
Also the Air Force itself is preparing for a possible confrontation between the Galactic Confederation and Chimera-infiltrated Air Force last line of defense against the Light forces in Low Earth orbit:
That military confrontation is possible just before the Event and if it happens it will be brief, spectacular, limited in its scope and will be resolved in a complete defeat of the Chimera.

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【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年6月13日【金魚報告100期】The GoldFish Report No. 100

Louisa: Hi everyone, welcome to the Goldfish report, I am your host Louisa and we have a very special Goldfish report- I know I say that with every Goldfish Report, but this really is, this is our One Hundredth Goldfish Report and to do this report, with me I have my co-host Steve in the U.K, -Steve, good to see you again!

Louisa: 大家好,歡迎收聽金魚報告,我是你的主持人Louisa。我們會做一次非常特別的金魚報告-我知道我每次都這麼說,但這次真的是特別的。這是我們第100期金魚報告,和我一起主持的是英國的Steve。 Steve很高興再見到你。

Steve: Hi everybody! Nice to see you!

Steve: 各位好,很高興見到你!

Louisa: …and our special guests today are Cobra and Kauilapele. Cobra, thank you so much for joining us today, for this very special Goldfish Report.

Louisa: …我們今天的特別嘉賓是Cobra和Kauilapele。 Cobra,非常感謝你今天來到這次非常特別的金魚報告。

Cobra: You are welcome, it’s a very nice opportunity, one hundred is a powerful number and I hope today we can create our synergy.

Cobra: 不客氣,這是一個很好的機會,100是一個強大的數字,希望今天我們能創造出協同作用。

Louisa: Very good, and KP, or Kauilapele, how do you want me to refer to you in our interview today?

Louisa: 很好。 KP或者Kauilapele,你想我在今天的訪問中如何稱呼你?

KP: Probably KP is the simplest…

KP: 可能KP是最簡單的..

Louisa Ok, KP, …welcome to the Goldfish report, this is your first time! Welcome!

Louisa: 好的KP。歡迎你第一次來到金魚報告,歡迎。

KP: My first time! Yeah….thank you, it’s an honour and a pleasure to be here…I know you’ll have… I’ll show your presents from Hawaii, for this show… a hibiscus and a little purple five petal flower, so we have some sacred symbols here for you.

KP: 我的第一次,謝謝。很榮幸和高興來到這裡。我給你看看為這個節目準備的夏威夷禮物。一朵木槿花和一朵五瓣的紫花,這是送給你的一些神聖的象徵。

Louisa: 謝謝。很漂亮。

Louisa: Oh, thank you!

Louisa: Hibiscus is actually one of my favorite flowers since its one of the few which I can actually grow at my home by the ocean, because it’s too salty for most of the plants, but… Thank you for that KP, that was very nice!
This is a very special Goldfish Report because as it’s 100, this is two years we have been doing Goldfish Report, trying to get information, trying to get the truth out which is not always easy to do. But I did want to say something, I have a personal note right of the top of this interview, because if it wasn’t for the tree gentlemen who are joining me today, I probably won’t be doing what I am doing. I really started doing my research for The Goldfish Report, and really looking at Cobra’s blog and KP’s blog …without really knowing that I would be doing this and being involved in this myself. I really didn’t know that but really with Cobra and your incredible blog and your information and your ‘steadfast message’ and KP, you are indispensable … you know, the way you have created your blog and the kind of information that you provide in a very ‘down to earth’ way, the way you describe your energies and how it didn’t look intimidating, in other words, both of you carry simple message, …and it wasn’t intimidating, it really gave me the courage to come and do The Goldfish Report, and with Steve, and Steve, without you … I would never…Steve always has my back…!

Louisa: 木槿花是我最喜歡的其中一種花,因為這是其中少數我能在靠海的家裡種的,因為這裡對多數植物來說太多鹽但…謝謝KP,很漂亮。這集是特別的金魚報告,因為是100期,我們做金魚報告已經2年,嘗試傳播信息和真相,這總是不容易的。但我想說,這個訪問上面有我寫個人註釋,因為如果不是今天這三位生先,我可能不會做今天正在做的事。我開始為金魚報告進行調查研究,看Cobra和KP的博客…從沒想過我真的會做這些並且參與進來。但看著Cobra和你的博客,你帶來的堅定不移的信息,還有KP的,你們是不可或缺的..你們建立博客的方式以及你們用很實際的方法來提供信息,你們描述你們能量的方式看起來都不會讓人驚嚇,換句話說你們兩個帶來的信息不會嚇人,這給了我勇氣走出來做金魚報告,和Steve一起。如果沒有Steve我就不會…他總是支持我。

Steve: I am in the background! Put it like that…

Steve: 我在幕後。

Louisa: You’ve got my back… you’ve always got…

Louisa: 你一直在幫我。

Steve: I’ve got your back!

Steve: 是的。

Louisa: So, I wanted first off, to thank both of you, or all three of you, for the parts that you are playing and the influence you’ve had, because you all hold the light for me in one way or another, to give me the courage to do this and I want to thank you very much with all my heart!

Louisa: 所以我想首先感謝你們兩人,或者你們三個。謝謝你們的工作和影響,因為你們為我保持住光,給我勇氣做這件事,衷心感謝你們。

KP: Thank you!

KP: 謝謝。

Steve: Thank you! With pleasure!

Steve: 謝謝,很樂意這麼做。

Cobra: Thanks, it’s a pleasure!

Cobra: 謝謝,這是令人高興的。

Louisa: I want to start out with, I guess what is a good place to start is what sort of ties all of us together? And that is the information war that we are kind of in…and I do see that as an information war… and as we were talking just before we started recording today, it’s kind of in a frenzy right now and KP talks about this on his blog, and Cobra, you know, Cobra has been the recipient of many attacks, and Cobra, I just want to ask you: why are we in an information war? What’s happening within the lightworker community with all this…I don’t know, I don’t want to call them attacks, but just let’s call them attacks.

Louisa: 我想從與我們都有關的事情開始比較好。這是一場信息戰爭,我確實把它看作信息戰,我們在節目之前剛剛談過,現在情況有點瘋狂,KP在他的博客上也談到。你知道Cobra也承受了很多攻擊,我想問Cobra為什麼我們正處於信息戰,光之工作者團體發生了什麼…我不想稱之為攻擊,但還是用這個說法吧。

Cobra: Ok, we are now actually in the final phase of the Galactic Proxy war between the Light forces and the Dark forces, and of course the Dark forces are not happy because the awakening process is our strongest point in that liberation process…and that’s why they are trying to spread as much dis-info as possible and to weaken (us) in various ways and I think the perception of most people in this community is not exactly aligned with the reality, I will just explain…most people think that only physical agents infiltrated in the movement, that’s far from the truth… what is much more effective is the non-physical influence upon people who are actually working for the Light but their weaknesses are pressured by the non-physical in-fluence and by scalar technology and they react. Their weaknesses are being exploited and situations are being engineered, and we are right now experiencing more major drama in this area. I think, I hope everybody is aware of that, and the key here is to be aware that we are being played, all of us. The weaknesses of everybody are being exploited in a way that is not beneficial for the community…so if you are aware of that and we refrain from reacting, from being triggered publicly, at least, by the situation, the whole community can benefit and learn from the mistakes that have been done in the past.

Cobra: 我們正在光明和黑暗勢力的銀河代理人戰爭的最後階段。黑暗勢力當然不高興,因為覺醒是這個解放過程中最強大的一點,所以他們嘗試散播盡量多的虛假信息,用各種方法削弱我們。我想這個群體裡大多數人的感知不完全符合現實情況,我會解釋一下。大多數人認為是有形的代理人滲透到運動裡,這遠不是真相。更有效的是通過非物質手段影響光之工作者們,用非物質方式,通過標量技術向他們的弱點施壓,於是他們就會做出反應。他們的弱點正在被利用 ,很多情況是人為設計,我們正在經歷的主要就是這樣的劇情。我希望每個人都明白這一點,關鍵是意識到我們全部人都被人玩弄。每個人的弱點都以對群體不利的方式被利用,所以如果你意識到這些,並且能克制過激反應,不要被公開挑釁,整個群體才能受益,並且從過去的錯誤中學習。

Steve: Cobra, when you say that our weaknesses are being exploited, could you be a little more specific, is it emotional weaknesses, (is it physical?) human weaknesses,

Steve: Cobra你說我們的弱點被利用,能不能詳細一點。是不是情緒上(Louisa-身體上)的人類弱點… Continue reading 【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年6月13日【金魚報告100期】The GoldFish Report No. 100