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美國國安緊急狀態暨國際恐攻警報 URGENT! National Security and International Terrorism ALERT

Received from reader with request to provide this information to our readers. You may want to get involved and use this as a guide to send your own letters to the appropriate individuals for where you live, including Wash DC.  Providing this information because we are personally aware of people who have been abused and victimized (murdered) by these weapons.  This report is providing TRUE FACTS.


Dear Sir/Madam,
Please read the following notification carefully as it requires actions on your part and might have legal implications for you and your office in future.
I am writing to inform you of large-scale human rights violations and systematic physical attacks on the civilian population within all countries of the world using modern electromagnetic weapons and neuro-weapons, often in combination with non-consensual implants and covertly administered nanotechnology.

What makes these weapons particularly dangerous and devastating for societies is that they act covertly. Using the fact that electromagnetic waves propagate without being noticed by humans and can penetrate walls, these weapons can be used to destroy human life and permit the perpetrators to escape detection.

這些武器之所以會嚴重威脅人類社會,是因為它們是利用可以穿透牆壁而且人類無法察覺的電磁波。換句話說,這些武器是可以殺人於無形的隱形殺器 Continue reading 美國國安緊急狀態暨國際恐攻警報 URGENT! National Security and International Terrorism ALERT

【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年4月22日訊息【情況更新】Situation Update

Now that the Cabal could not trigger World War 3 directly:
they have turned to electronic warfare.
Aside from many times mentioned plasma scalar weapons, they are now using directed energy weapons to their fullest, targeting key Lightworkers and Lightwarriors in an obvious attempt to remove them from the surface of the planet, as the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors with the power of their unified consciousness are one of the main obstacles in Cabal’s plans to create global war.
Directed energy weapons are physical radio frequency, laser, microwave, sound or plasma beam weapons that can incapacitate the target:
These weapons are used by the Cabal agents worldwide, torturing a very important segment of civilian population:
Also, the Cabal has bribed many people from the general population to become unconscious co-perpetrators of those crimes against humanity. These sheeple are thinking that they are just spying on targets with a funny looking telescope, when in fact they are irradiating the target with a directed energy weapon:
A certain elite task force has begun removing key perpetrators of those crimes internationally. They „shoot first and ask questions later.“ They have issued a warning, stating that „anybody using a directed energy weapon against a civilian target, either knowingly or unknowingly, is committing a crime against humanity and may expect to be dealt with.“ They have also stated that an „international diplomatic and political scandal with far reaching consequences, exposing certain key people from the United States, responsible for use of those weapons against civilian population, may explode soon.“
Another source has stated that „the King has declared the opening of the hunting season.“ Regarding this statement from the „King“ it is interesting to note that George Bush Sr. has received a warning from Maat:
Last Monday, the Pleiadians have contacted top Russian military personnel about the directed energy weapons issue. If the attacks on the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors do not stop, the option now on the table is to disable key organizations perpetrating those crimes with a selective EMP strike or with another similar electronic warfare operation. The first two targets mentioned were DARPA and Raytheon. 

Continue reading 【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年4月22日訊息【情況更新】Situation Update



【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年4月9日訊息【和平冥想視頻】Peace Meditation Videos

Peace Meditation videos have been created in 25 languages. Make them viral, spread them through your networks to assist in reaching the critical mass!


We need translations in additional languages, especially Hindi and Bengali. Please send your translations to parlagisas777@gmail.com and videos will be created in your language and posted here.
English 英語:
German 德語:
Dutch 荷蘭語:

Danish 丹麥語:


Italian 意大利語:


French 法語:

Spanish 西班牙語:
Portuguese 葡萄牙語:
Russian 俄羅斯語:
Polish 波蘭語:
Czech 捷克語:

Slovak 斯洛伐克語:


Slovenian 斯洛維尼亞語:


Bosnian 波士尼亞語:


Macedonian 馬其頓語:


Bulgarian 保加利亞語:


Romanian 羅馬尼亞語:


Hungarian 匈牙利語:

Greek 希臘語:
Turkish 土耳其語:

Kurdish 庫德語:


Arabic 阿拉伯語:

Chinese (Simplified) 簡體中文:
Chinese (Traditional) 繁體中文:
Japanese 日語:

【地球盟友】【柯博拉COBRA】2017年4月10日訊息【和平冥想更新】Peace Meditation Update

Time is approaching for our Peace Meditation and the energies are rising as more and more people has made a decision to join us and we are gaining momentum. There were again many signs in the sky in the form of rainbow cloudships especially in Asia in the last days before our meditation, indicating that the Light forces are supporting us in this endeavor. Here is an example of Pleiadian cloudship creating a plasma purification vortex a few days ago in Taipei:
Next hours will be decisive for how many people join us and how much impact or meditation will have on the planetary situation. Therefore I would ask all of you to spread the news about this meditation far and wide. Youtube videos are the easiest way to make this viral and they have been translated into 25 languages:
未來幾個小時將決定有多少人加入我們和冥想對於行星形勢造成多少影響。因此我想讓你們廣泛地傳播關於這次冥想的消息。 Youtube視頻是最容易的傳播方式,它們已經翻譯為25種語言:
Guided audio meditations have been created in many languages:
At meditation time, you can also join the online synchronized audio meditation in many languages here:
The link to the main Peace Meditation article with instructions is here:
Let’s do this!
Victory of the Light!